Golfer Paige Spiranac Wanted To Be Taken Seriously, So She Stripped Naked

I have to agree with Fox News Contributor Britt McHenry, who sparred today over Twitter with golfer Paige Spiranac.  It seems Spiranac, who has come to tears in the past over not being taken seriously as a golfer (because she is attractive), has decided that she will show how strong she is by posing essentially nude in the #MeToo issue of Sports Illustrated.

McHenry made the point that posing naked isn’t really the best way for women and men to “receive reciprocal respect and empowerment.”

To this, Spiranac replied with a (pretty much) topless photo.

Gymnast Aly Raisman has become a naked billboard for the #MeToo Sports Illustrated issue, too.


Politically incorrect or not, let me say the obvious, as a psychiatrist and a man:  When high achieving women try to show how seriously they should be taken by stripping naked and publishing photos of themselves that make men want to have sex with them, they undermine their stated goal.

I mean, you didn’t really need a psychiatrist to tell you that, did you?

I mean, did you?

What Paige Spiranac and Aly Raisman and other naked #MeToo women are actually showing is how confused they seem to be.  They apparently feel no shame in telling the world that what really recommends them as special is their breasts or bottoms.  And, like it or not, that sort of message hits home with men who are powerfully affected by the fact that talented female athletes and potential leaders are A-okay getting paid to get them sexually excited.

We human beings may bemoan the fact, but women who get undressed for magazines can expect to have men undress them with their eyes when they walk into those men’s offices.  You kind of have to choose whether to appear in a magazine that ends up in the boardroom or the restroom.

If women think that the way to assert their real worth is to achieve great things and then broker their notoriety by turning into pinup girls, trust me, men will hear them, loud and clear.

Keith Ablow, MD

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