New FBI Headquarters? Who Will it Be Named For?

The most intriguing part of President Trump’s infrastructure gambit is more than $2 billion hidden away in it that provides for a new FBI headquarters.

A new FBI headquarters is essential to the FBI conducting its operations in a 21st Century space, not an outdated, ugly facility that is almost 60 years old.

They don’t tear down the old buildings at Harvard University — but then — the FBI building isn’t on the Harvard campus.

It is literally and physically in the center of the political universe, the bureaucracy universe that rules and watches over the nation’s government and presumably everyone else, including the Russian government.

The only question that matters about this new building is not how modern and up to date it is. It is not about what kinds or types of new technologies are available inside for the use of agents doing their business.

The only question that matters is who the building is named after.

Edgar Hoover’s name is ignominy.

Hoover’s stain on the FBI is so stunningly apparent that it is incomprehensible that his name wasn’t taken off the present structure decades ago.

Hoover’s degenerate behavior with the agency which he believed he owned, and no president dared to remove him, is a stain which must be removed. His degenerate behavior in his private life is enough to sicken liberal and conservatives alike.

President Trump’s suggestion for a new headquarters comes at a time when liberals are all complaining that American Democracy is challenged by Trump’s presence in the White House.

The problem with this assertion is that American Democracy has always been challenged throughout our long and enduring history.

American Democracy is not challenged by a new FBI headquarters being built.

It is being challenged by the choice of name to be placed on it.

Perhaps there should be no name on the building except for FBI.

This would be more fitting than just about any other name that might be suggested.

For instance, I wouldn’t suggest naming it the Mueller Building.

Howe about the Bush Building?

Or the Obama Building?

No name no matter how carefully arrived at is going to fit the duty bound nature of the folks who work inside it.

The FBI Building is best.

Getting rid of Hoover’s name is getting rid of stench or a hand print of a sick and demented man who ruined lives and acted like a law enforcement dictator while no president dared touch him.

The new FBI facility is a long time coming.

The FBI headquarters free of J. Edgar Hoover’s name rights a terrible wrong.


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  1. This article is written by a Russian troll, albeit a clever one, but a hater of the United States of America none the less.

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