Another Government Shutdown, Another Big Yawn for Nearly All of Us

Another government shut down has come and gone.

Another bit of grade C acting performance on a grade C political stage by incompetent and ineffectual politicians has gone into the waste basket of stale history.

The government shut down this time was about as important as a three alarm fire on an obscure street in Worcester Massachusetts.

The ongoing comedy session in Washington has no end.

And the humor of the clowns purportedly serving the American public isn’t really funny.

The shutdown this time meant nothing to no one but those poor actors working the stage on a US budget that cannot stand alone.

Immigration must be tied to the budget our leaders tell us.

We can’t have a budget without immigration attached to it.

Five hours after the most recent government shutdown began, it ended.

It didn’t end with a bang, rather, as T. S. Eliot might well have said: It ended with a whimper.

Senator Rand Paul took full credit for shutting down the government this time.

He said quite simply and frankly, the government is spending too much money.

He has a real point.

The bureaucracy that eats up all our precious cash needs more and more money to feed itself. At the same time, the bureaucracy runs us. It is too big and too powerful for us to run it.

Part of the bureaucracy is the US House and the US Senate.

The budget is about them — not us.

Everything about leaders pretending to know the way in the Washington DC of today is about bad acting and bad government and US citizens entirely turned off about the daily show.

The senators and congressmen talking their banal lingua franca, and often speaking about bi-partisanship as though it exists, have recently shown time and again, and more so than in years past, that there is really no hope with the present group of elected public officials.

If these folks were acting this way in the private sector where deadlines mean something, where profits are measured against expenses, where companies are built to survive and to prosper, they would, almost to a person be fired.

Chief among them to go into the rubbish heap of inanity would be Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Andrew Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and nancy Nancy Polito.

God, what a gang of fools all playing a fools game.

Is it any wonder Americans  turn their heads away mostly in disgust.

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