Steve Wynn Falls

An unrepentant Steve Wynn, the colossus of gambling in this world, has resigned from the company he founded.

Without admitting to any of his sexual excesses, he has gone into a gambling world blood-red sunset, his reputation in tatters, his company’s future in question and the entire gambling world watching with open mouths and breathlessness.

Wynn had to resign or his empire was up for grabs.

Now that he has resigned, his empire has suffered an earthquake.

Sexual predator or not, he was a genius at the art of creating gambling and entertainment scenarios that have changed the face of gambling around the world.

Las Vegas has become the most visited family and tourist center in the United States.

His inspiration, his vision, his boldness and his money helped to create the new Las Vegas.

Now he is gone.

Just like that, with the snap of a finger — and why?

Because he couldn’t keep his pants on.

He couldn’t deal with women in a normal way.

He needed to degrade women to achieve his sense of omnipotence over them and to have sex whenever he wanted all the time for the past 30 years with them, or so it would appear from a wide variety of investigations led by the Wall Street Journal.

You can bet Wynn won’t read the Wall Street Journal again.

In the end, Wynn is a liar and a cheat, a 14 carat fraud who could not control his sexual proclivities with his staff, who he believed he owned.

Tough thing for a staff considered chattel by the owner of the company.

How is Wynn today, only hours after the fall?

Probably talking to himself quite a bit and with great intensity.

Like many billionaires of his ilk and design, he doesn’t feel that he did anything wrong, or that forcing employees to have sex with him all the time was just one of the perks of employment with Wynn Resorts or one of the perks for him, as the owner.

Money did everything for Wynn.

He could buy whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted it whenever.

Money was his God although he had charm and wit and an eye for art.

He bought priceless art all the time.

He lived in great mansions around the world.

Not much about this will change — just how the world looks at him will change.

He will be shunned by most and welcomed by only a select few – and quietly at that.

When you are soaring upward, everyone wants to be with you.

When you are heading the other way, well, no one wants to be around.

Sex will be much harder to get for Wynn now that he’s gone from his company.

But maybe he’ll open another one.

I’m sure Wynn Resorts will be just fine without him — but earnings are going to suffer.

This is a guarantee.


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