The Nunes Memo Sends Democrats and FBI Into Emergency Media Spin

If the FBI and the Justice Department have nothing whatsoever to hide about their hunt for Russian collusion and obstruction of justice tied to President Trump, then why do they complain so loudly about a classified memo being released?

Something to think about isn’t it?

Representative Adam Schiff says the release of such a document by Representative Devin Nunes could lead to a constitutional crisis — a hilarious view of the release of a document by the House Intelligence Committee that shouldn’t cause a ruffle at all if the government chasing the president has nothing to hide.

Why all the fuss and discrepant talk of a constitutional crisis?

Because what is written in the memo to be released depicts the FBI and the Justice Department in ways the FBI and the Justice Department chasing the president do not wish to be depicted.

I hope the document is released because the document to be released, no matter what is in it, does not scare me, nor will it change my life one bit.

This is the beauty and the ugliness of the investigations ongoing against the president.

They are all designed to end his presidency so the media and bureaucratic Washington can go to sleep again certain that everything about political life remains the same or goes back to the way it used to be under President Obama.

Without President Trump, everyone who doesn’t care for him can sigh with relief that he is gone.

Returning to normal is what Democrats want.

They lost the White House and cannot fathom going forward without it.

Ergo, comments by lunatics like Congressman Schiff crying out that there will be a constitutional crisis if a document is released probably showing the bias that is alive inside the FBI against the president and the same can be said for the Justice Department.

Is there anything unusual about bias?

Do we need to hide bias inside the FBI?



Because the FBI sees itself as impeccable and pristine.

The Justice Department sees itself in the same light.

Bias must be hidden. So-called classified documents revealing bias should not be released because then the bias is exposed.

This is why Schiff accused Republicans of attempting to undermine the Justice Department and FBI by painting them as “so tainted by bias against President Trump that they irredeemably poisoned the investigation.”

A Justice Department official said that releasing the classified memo would be reckless and could risk harm to national security.


The FBI also released an unsigned statement expressing grave concerns over the memo’s release.

I want to read the memo.

Every American should want to read it.

The Intelligence Committee sent the classified memo to President Donald Trump, who has four days to decide whether to release it or block it.

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