[Commentary] English Tossers Put on a Crude Show, Revealing Not an Ounce of Common Sense or Dignity

If you want to realize just how far we’ve come in the brave new world where almost the slightest show of misogyny or offensive man-woman interaction can lead to a civil rights violation, then go to England.

A charity is closing after revelations of sexual harassment at a fundraising event recently held in London.

The Financial Times has reported that an annual charity dinner run by the Presidents Club had turned into a salad mix of outrageous sexual harassment and degradation.

Less than 24 hours after the event was held, the charity folded, disbanding as quickly as a group of Harvey Weinsteins might tend to flee after getting caught.

What is being referred to as a remarkable expose in the Financial Times, exposed that women were paraded around as sexual objects for the pleasure of the 360 males who attended.

There was, allegedly, a tidal wave of lewd remarks and groping that makes Billy Bush’s video with President Trump seem like a prayer session.

The Financial Times reported hands up skirts, hands on bums for nearly all of the 130 women hired for the event.

Some of the women said they were groped multiple times by guests.

Many other hostesses claimed worse.

One of the tossers, as the rich and privileged might often be called in Britain, took his penis out and displayed it to a hostess. Rumors have it the tosser was Irish and the hostess had to put on her glasses to see it.

Another tosser demanded that one of the hostesses down a glass of champagne, take off her clothes and to dance naked on the table.

Did these people think they were in Las Vegas?

Women hired for the event — and shouldn’t they have known what was about to happen by participating in such an all male event — were told by event organizers to wear black sexy shoes, black underwear, and short tight dresses.

Hostesses were paid about $220 US for the working the event.

One day after the Financial Times report appeared, the Presidents Club announced it was disbanding.

What a surprise.

With typical British hubris and aplomb, the spokesperson for the Presidents Club said this: “The trustees have decided that the Presidents Club will not host any further fundraising events.”


The event was held at the old-line Dorchester Hotel, where the Queen lived during the Battle of Britain when Nazi bombers were raining death down on London.

Officials for the staid Dorchester Hotel said: “We are deeply concerned.”

The Presidents Club has disappeared overnight due to a plethora of groping and sexual harassment.

It is a fitting end to a club that raised more than $20 million for charities over the years.

What, we Americans wonder, could these tossers have been thinking?

Even we are amazed by such ludicrous behavior during a time when sexual harassment makes such things almost impossible in the United States.








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