Rx America: Healing the American Psyche Once the Clinton Coup is Revealed

It is now very conceivable that the coming months will reveal that the 2016 election marked an attempt by government officials within the FBI, the Obama Administration and Hilary Clinton’s campaign to subvert democracy in America and deny Donald Trump the U.S Presidency.

I don’t know if the starkness of what I just wrote can be overemphasized:  Elements within the United States government may well have conspired to turn over control of the nation to Hilary Clinton, their handpicked successor to Barack Obama.

That’s called a bloodless coup—essentially, a secret overthrow of the government, without shots being fired.

I believe that an attempted coup of this kind will be revealed.  And I believe the revelation will shake the foundation of our citizenry’s belief that our votes in elections matter, that our country is actually run by its elected officials (rather than a shadow state of powerful families, FBI and CIA officials) and that elections have not previously been stolen from candidates the American people would have chosen.

This could be psychologically devastating to a nation that prides itself on respecting human rights and abiding by the rule of law.  It could sideline a generation or more of young people who become so cynical about what really determines the path of this nation that they stop believing in it—and in their own power to change it.

But, it doesn’t have to.

In order to avoid the worst psychological fallout, the Trump Administration must be complete and unsparing in unearthing all the pathology inside the FBI (and the CIA, if necessary), removing the individuals who transgressed and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law—potentially, for treason.  If this includes James Comey, so be it.  If it includes Bill and Hilary Clinton, so be it.  If it includes Barack Obama, so be it.

The only way a patient rests after cancer is when the surgery yields clean margins.  There must be no doubt that our nation has removed all malignant cells from the highest echelons of our law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Donald Trump is uniquely suited for this task.  He is fearless, tireless and a patriot.  But this moment will also require him to be a kind of poet surgeon—quick and sure with the scalpel, while reassuring all of us that America can, indeed, be healed and is still worthy of the effort.

Deep belief in the continuing manifest destiny of our democracy will be an essential part of saving its life.

Keith Ablow, MD

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  1. David says:

    Good luck with that….it’s still gonna be …
    I need this bad guy to stop this bad guy

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