I advised the Trump War Room to use the government shut down as a cover to shut down Sponge Bob Mueller and his team.

Here’s how they should have: Speaker Paul Ryan’s courageous decision to force Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to give FBI files in the phony Russia probe to the House Intelligence Committee has led to calls from the Deep State and its allies, including many Republicans, to redact and not release the proof that high government officials set out to destroy candidate Trump in the summer of 2016, with a false narrative about so-called Russian support of our President to be.

I advised the Oval Office to get all these documents, including the 4 page memo which all but indicts Jim Comey for conspiracy and obstruction of justice, in front of the President.

Special Counsel Mueller is exploring a path to use a trip which Steve Bannon took to the Seychelles Islands on December 26, 2016 as a way to falsley indict the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner for alleged money laundering and, in turn, use Mueller’s left wing District of Columbia grand jury to indict Trump for actions he did not take during the 2016 transition when Trump was still a civilian.

As a patriot, I humbly proposed a trade in the spirit of Tom Paine: The President would have read the documents this weekend, proposed not to publicly release them in return for a complete shutdown of Mueller’s phony probe, with the Justice Department cleaning up any loose ends. Then we could have gotten back to reopening our government and making America greater, freer and competent again.

Charlie Finch   

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