The Shithole Controversy Goes On and On

The translation of President Trump’s statement that some of the worlds’ nations are shitholes has coalesced into the president being a certified racist and that American values all over the world have been trampled and that we are in trouble with the world.

All of this is an absurdity.

What has actually happened, again, is that the president is using and abusing the press to swamps the media with his name.

The president doesn’t care what people say about him.

He cares about dominating the news cycle and he does this with skill and precision.

How does what the president say effect the world?

Not an iota.

The world largely cares about itself.

The world at large for the past 70 years, or since the end of World War ll, has worked against America, denounced America, has been in conflict with America, no matter how nice a tone emanated from our leaders throughout this period.

There is no argument that the American president describing many of the world’s violent, backward third world nations as shitholes is way out of line with the tone set by past American presidents.

Do such statements make the American president a racist?

I don’t think so.

I’ve been around racists.

The folks at CNN and MSNBC don’t hang around with racists.

They may occasionally interview racists, but in the final analysis, the talking heads on television and at the great media outlets describe racists while watching what they do from a distance or even up close but they don’t live in environments where racism is endemic.

One of the talking heads on CNN asked whether or not his 8-month-old child hearing the word shithole on the television was somehow being twisted or threatened at so young an age.

If this doesn’t tell you how removed from reality some of the folks in the media are then nothing will.

I don’t understand how calling some nations – not all nations – some nations shitholes makes you a racist.

I also don’t understand why wanting Norwegian immigrants – who couldn’t get a work visa here for years if they tried – is anything other than questioning why 200,000 El Salvadorans are here illegally while a single Norwegian could get a work visa without years of efforts.

All Norwegians, by the way, are not white. Norway has a huge and growing Muslim population proving that all Norwegians aren’t Christians but this gets into a different story.

The president’s tone is what this hubbub is all about.

The left cannot take his tone.

The left believes his tone is ruining the United States and its perfection.

The left also believes the nation is crumbling in the eyes of the world – a world that wouldn’t raise finger to help us out if we were crumbling.

We’re the shithole to the modern world.

We’re the shithole to Muslim nations and every terrorist group funded by Muslim nations like Iran.

They want us destroyed and dead.

We’re the shit hole to Palestinians who want Israel destroyed and Jews exterminated.

We’re the shit hole in Africa where so many nations slaughter one another over tribal or religious issues.

The president’s comments about shithole nations is on the mark.

There are shithole nations.

There are millions upon millions of people trying to flee shithole nations and many of those millions would love to come here.

We can’t let everyone come here even if we wanted to because that won’t work.

This entire brouhaha is about tone.

It is not about racism.

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  1. mark carron says:

    Heard that !! ….and the parallel story (and I might argue, of greater insight) is the violation of the “Code of Conduct” by tattling. NO fellow colleague can trust themselves alone in conversation with this guy(Illinois Senator) . He now CAN’T be trusted with the simplest of conversation let alone in a setting of negotiations where emotion may manifest itself in the occasional “misspeak”. The offense to the American public is the derailment of the MAIN FOCUS brought about by this breach of trust. If he were from my state I’d ask him to repair this or step down. We deserve servants with a “Greater Cause” agenda, than simply trying to gain control by injury.

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