Are We Going to Die?

Residents of Hawaii were all asking the same thing during a false alarm of a missile heading toward the island retreat.

Some people scrambled into their cellars, others into shelters, and one lady, it was reported, just prayed as she took a bath.

This was a false alarm.

But what if it is not a false alarm – and Kim Jung un had launched an intercontinental ballistic missile armed with a nuclear bomb to Hawaii, the alarm went off, and then the bomb reached its destination and exploded?

This is the ultimate worry and the ultimate scare and perhaps the ultimate reality about how foolish and ineffective our foreign policy has been to allow such a scenario to be able to take place.

In other words, the false alarm wasn’t so much a false alarm, was it?

Had it been the real thing happening, Hawaii is erased, just like that, with the snap of a finger.

This is what is at risk as we debate ourselves into oblivion about what to do if anything about the North Korean regime and its ability to blackmail us with the threat of a nuclear attack.

Most of our national leadership and the leadership of the world are too scared and too indifferent to the harsh reality of Kim Jung un having nuclear weapons to care.

We are all told repeatedly – attacking North Korea would be craziness and would cause damage.

Far better, we are told, to pray that North Korea doesn’t launch an atomic bomb and that those prayers are sufficient.

We are also told we should petrified of our president’s promise to do something about eliminating such a nuclear threat and then for us to be told by a fake media that supports itself with good feeling that to do such a thing or even to suggest it is to be more dangerous than the North Koreans creating their atomic bombs and promising to launch them on us.

This false alarm in Hawaii should be a wake up for all of us.

We should all understand that no amount of diplomacy aimed at the North Koreans is going to change about their leader maniacal leadership, one which keeps their entire population brainwashed in subjugation in the belief we are going to attack them.

They’ve done this for more than 50 years – and to what end?

They know have nuclear weapons and might be inclined to use them.

The false alarm in Hawaii is more than a false alarm.

It is proof perfect of the disaster awaiting us if we do nothing to eliminate North Korea’s ability to attack us with nuclear weapons.


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