Reflection on Poverty and Ruin

When my great grandparents were living in Russia in the 1860s and walking around with bare feet on mud streets and defecating in holes in their back yard and praying to be left alone by Cossacks who ransacked their town and slaughtered Jews from time to time, and fighting disease and Russian ignorance and vulgarity toward Jews, well, they all considered the place a shithole.

When the men and women of Haiti cannot feed themselves because their nation grows no food, has no infrastructure, no future, crime, ruins from the earthquake and all of them are defecating and urinating in their back yards if they live outside of the city — well, this too is a modern shithole. There is dysentery, ignorance, futility, savagery and a general indifference to what makes life worth living by an incompetent and useless government and a world that does not care about Haiti. Haiti by this description is a shithole.

If you live in Sudan where approximately 2 million people have been slaughtered in the past 2 years in a vulgar and insultingly degenerate civil war for being born of one tribe or another and where starvation, slaughter and violence are a way of life everyday, where much of the population doesn’t have enough food or water to survive like human beings, and the entire United Nations sits by idly while the nation disintegrates, well, this, too, is a shithole.

El Salvador is a rogue state ruled almost entirely by two animalistic gangs. Violence and indifference to the laws of humanity make life in El Salvador Neanderthal for the poor souls living there. This is not a proud nation. It is a lower mammalian shithouse where humanity is unconsidered and where no Anglo or former El Salvadoran and certainly no member in the US Congress or the Senate has an ounce of interest in doing anything to change the direction of life in that savage jungle nation but who are offended when it is referred to as a shithole.

And there is that babbling talking head on CNN’s Alyson Camerota who broke down in tears on air after hearing the president’s remarks. She ought to be fired. Her hypocrisy is so stunningly offensive to me that it is incomprehensible. Of all the things she reports on — mass shootings — savage murders of Jews by Palestinians — millions dead in the Sudan and she breaks into tears over this!

The president might well have used much better terminology or make his tone politically correct to satisfy those hypocrites who do nothing about the shitholes in the world but who shout and mourn about those places being called what they deserve to be called — and then blame the president and brand him as a racist.

Calling such places where the populations would love to leave to survive does not make you a racist, even if your name is Donald Trump.

The extraordinary hypocrisy of Western Nations media and government’s crying out that these places should not be called shitholes makes me sick to my stomach.

I frankly don’t care what such places are called. We all know what they are. We all know how they are all more like a Dante’s Inferno than shit holes. We all sit by as they go lower and lower into a mire of savagery and indifference to mankind and their own people.

They are places by and large that don’t deserve any kind of accolades let alone a pass to be called what they are — shit holes.

The people complaining the loudest are those caring the least about the folks living in the places called a shit hole by the president.

What they care about is labeling the president as a racist — which is far more important to all of them than doing anything to save mankind in all those places where it is so important to call them anything but what they are — shit holes.

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