Oprah Winfrey for President?

I’m not sure I’ve ever watched the Oprah Winfrey Show.

I’ve never been part of Weight Watchers.

I did enjoy the movie Color Purple.

I am aware of Oprah’s fame and accumulation of wealth and her addiction to everything Hollywood and the rapture that sets off among her followers who make movies and television shows, nearly all of whom were together in the same auditorium in an orgy of self flagellation and self congratulation at the Golden Globe Awards show earlier this week.

Nothing is worse about modern America than television stars and movie makers, the rich and the famous, all convening for a show about their self-importance on national television for a giant self-congratulation.

There was almost no one in the enormous crowd not cheering on everyone else.

It would have been hard, indeed, impossible, to find someone not thinking like that blindly cheering, self adoring mass of elitists.

Such undifferentiated sameness, at a time in the nation’s history when we are split between the haves the have nots, between those growing richer and richer and those going deeper and deeper into poverty than we are today, is almost impossible to find.

This is why the Golden Globe Awards show fails so thoroughly and miserably.

Watching it, I am told, gives the impression that we are all one in this fight for survival in the United States of America.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

The aspirations of those in the Golden Globe crowd cheering one another on as though they are the saviors and the spokespeople for American culture is hardly something to watch and even less to be persuaded by.

And in fact, those watching most closely were not those worried about paying for their health insurance, sending their kids to college, finding another job after being laid off, worrying about whether or not the Social Security fund will pay their benefits and on and on — but rather — it was largely and almost exclusively liberal America watching the Golden Globes and cheering and loving every moment of the show as though it had any meaning other than self-congratulation.

Mind you, the Golden Globes aren’t bad because it attracts a liberal audience only.

Rather, the Golden Globes highlight the irrelevancy of speaking and to performing in front of to only one class of people, a same thinking culture of people who care very little about the folks living on the other side of the tracks, and even less for those who don’t share their liberal points of view.

That’s what’s wrong with the Golden Globe’s and the tons of sloth and hype written about it when all was said and done.

Oprah could be a great presidential candidate — but she’d have to broaden her spectrum a bit.

She should have learned this from Hillary Clinton, whom she supported in 2016 – but she hasn’t.

She’d have to go beyond television and the reality tv world unless she wants to emulate President Donald Trump.

And we know she doesn’t want to do that.

The question is, what separates Oprah from The Donald? Not much.

They are both extremely successful, extremely extreme products of being famous, of being on television, of having a lot of money.

Oprah is special because she is brilliant, black, a woman, because she is assertive and captivating although she will find if she runs for president that being all those isn’t all about the presidency.

Should she run for president she will find that the nation is not all cheering like the mostly white crowd at the Golden Globes.

The nation is split and not watching the Golden Globes and not paying much attention to politics as practiced during the Trump era now being played out on the national political scene.

A huge swath of people across this nation watched the Alabama football game Tuesday evening.

I very much doubt if Oprah was watching or much less that she cared.

Does she want to be part of a presidential run scenario?

Can Oprah leave behind making billions to improve the nation after her own fashion?

I don’t think so but that doesn’t mean she won’t give it a try.

What she will find should she run is being faced by The Donald.

Her acting skills are consummate but can she withstand and prosper against The Donald and the other half of the nation of which she used to be a part?

Her transition from poor to rich, from wealthy to super wealthy, from famous to world icon, takes her far away from the stench and the meanderings of the  American masses who today question nearly everything about government and American society.

Can she do this?


But unlikely.

Should she run for president?

She’s already got the powers of a president — why would she ruin all that for a title?



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