The President’s Personality Permeates Every Level of Discussion about Him

The new book out about President Trump’s behavior inside the White House is exactly what you’d expect from a writer trying to make a load of money off the president’s personality and his antics.

Nothing is worse than the truth about all of us — and knowing the truth, if you are a writer, doesn’t necessarily give you the license to use it.

We get from this new Trump tome the picture of our president as a petty, demanding, boorish, somewhat half crazed personality with little to no interest being politically correct with anyone at anytime wherever he is appearing.

His diet, how he fusses over his hair, his petulance, his love of contentious behavior and his addiction to anti-social behavior of every kind makes Fire and Fury a very readable book, in fact, makes it a must, if you dislike or hate the president.

What it does rather nicely is reinforce every belief you have about him already reinforced by a national press still at odds with the idea that Trump isn’t going to act like presidents’ past and therefor, there is something clinically wrong with him or even that he is mentally ill.

CNN highlighted bits from the new novel for longer than 12 hours Thursday and another 12 hours Friday and into the weekend as though it was another War and Peace coming out.

Of course, the folks who call themselves editors at CNN, understand that the president watches CNN — and so — the more they talk about this new inside look at his behavior is something they knew would deeply disturb him.

After all, the president acts one way and then denies he acted this way. He makes a decision and then he changes his mind and makes another decision. He never gives in and always counter attacks when attacked. In this regard, he is very predictable.

The president does not like views of himself  broadcast or published which he cannot control — ergo — he does not like the book or the publicity it is receiving which is sad because the book is meaningless.

Fire and Fury is not War and Peace.

There is no philosophy, no psychiatry, no history, really, rather, just a collection of allegedly first hand views and descriptions of the president’s dystopian outlook when it comes to him dealing with lifelong politicians and bureaucrats, lobbyists and apologists of every kind.

It reveals a president unwed to the standard mold nearly all modern presidents come out of.

The picture that emerges from early excerpts nearly all of us have read online is this — a president who is unlike status quo presidents; a leader who fumes over perceived enemies and who makes every effort to get back at them.

He reminds me a bit of Herbert Hoover, who was a very dignified sort, extremely conservative, and quite out of it, as presidents go.

As the nation sank into economic failure quite unlike that it had ever known, Hoover remained steadfast in his belief that government should stay out of peoples’ lives and if people had to starve, well, that was their problem for not getting themselves proper employment.

So far, this hasn’t happened in Trump’s America.

On the way to Roosevelt’s inaugural in March 1933, neither Hoover nor Roosevelt talked with one another as they rode to the capitol for their individual rendezvous with destiny.

Hoover wasn’t considered insane because he refused to give government aid or food to starving Americans the way the media makes the case Trump is insane because of his personality traits.

Hoover quite likely caused the deaths of many Americans but the derision he received never went to the level of murderer or insane nut.

Such animus is reserved for Trump.

Trump’s manner is what is up for grabs with the media.

Every instance in which his behavior is noted becomes another nail in his political coffin or so his detractors believe.

But all of this hate and hostility aimed at him means nothing to Trump — or means everything to him — as he understands how to control the media cycle, the imperfect clock by which so many millions of Democrats receive their bill of fare with everyday on television from CNN, MSNBC and the plethora of colorful and beautiful, and all articulate, talking heads who make much out of nothing everyday to achieve higher ratings.

Fire and Fury is much ado about nothing, more about the president’s quirks than his core reality.

What exactly that core reality is we discover a bit more about it everyday.

No one is going to change President Trump.

No amount of negative publicity is going to cause him to deviate from being himself.

If he has a strength, this is it — being true to himself.

Fire and Fury does nothing to undo the president.

He remains a stubborn man, stubborn and uncompromising and without political correctness to his core.






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