From Snow Storm to Blizzard; From Blizzard to “Cyclone Bomb”

Those of us who study history and know a bit about it regard with fascination how events are named.

During World War 2 it has been noted, that the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t nearly as destructive or horrifying as the good old fashioned fire bombings of Tokyo near to the end of the war by General Curtis LeMay’s 1000 or so bombers who went out nearly every night for several months reducing Tokyo to ash and dust.

Atomic bombing to fire bombing. Incineration to slaughter. Death to more death, and on and on goes the hyperbole about the manmade and Nature made disasters which befall us.

Now comes the weatherman – the modern meteorologist – who has created a new meteorological perfect storm name called the cyclone bomb which is meant to supplant and has in an instant, a more normal description for a weather event most commonly called, a blizzard.

The blizzard has morphed into the cyclone bomb.

Cyclone bomb.

Can you imagine?

Can it get worse than this?

Yes it can and over time, it most certainly will.

The cyclone bomb is what the Northeastern coast of the United States is experiencing late in this week.

Tremendous waves of frigid cold. Huge snowfall. Terrific and damaging winds. Flooding of every kind and ice conditions making outside life as we know it almost unlivable.

Think about it…cyclone bomb or should it be tornado hurricane or maybe earthquake volcano…or even KKK whiteout storm.

The cyclone bomb is here to stay it appears.

All we can reasonably do is watch such a severely named storm play out on our flat screen television, only to be reminded by the weathermen and women – “If your electricity goes down, you won’t have any heat.”

Thank you.

What is it like when we are hit by a cyclone bomb?

I’m not really sure as it looks to be just another big snow storm which in recent history had been misnamed blizzards.

How did we go from snowstorms to blizzards and from blizzards to cyclone bombs?

Part of this is embedded in the notion of fake news.

Modern man has tired of a snowstorm being called a snowstorm, or a blizzard called a blizzard and now we’ve settled upon cyclone bomb to replace blizzard.

What is difficult, indeed, what is impossible to imagine is how cyclone bomb will morph into something more explosive and metaphorical.

For now, cyclone bomb suits the national American passion for overstating our catastrophes, whether they be meteorological, man made or otherwise.

Bottom line – this was a big snowstorm we are all living through but it is not a blizzard and as for cyclone bomb – well the guys that dream these things up need to join up with CNN.

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