Finally, an American Jihad

Iran is under siege by its own people.  North Korea will either come to its senses or be destroyed.  Israel and America are unified, as never before.

ISIS is being routed, destroyed.  The terror they wrought with beheadings didn’t turn out to be much of a match for what General James Mattis called “annihilation tactics,” including Predator and Reaper drones.  Long knives aren’t the weapons of choice of Navy Seals, for good reason.

Donald Trump has completed his National Security Strategy and sent it to Congress.  The Trump Doctrine emphasizes defense of the territorial U.S., promoting economic prosperity, ensuring peace through strength, and increasing U.S. influence.

Welcome to the start of what I called for back in 2014:  An American Jihad.

Gone are the days when America, under Barack Obama, shut its mouth and covered its eyes when evil governments like that in Iran came under protest by their oppressed people.

Gone are the days when we pretended that democracy and freedom of speech were a good fit for the United States, but might not fit the historical context of countries like Iran or North Korea or China.

Now, an American President named Donald J. Trump is in office.  And President Trump isn’t afraid to tell the protestors now resisting tyranny in Iran that they are in the right and that they, therefore, have all the authority they need to topple the thieves and killers who have had the gall to call themselves leaders of that nation.

Leadership is a moral reality.  If you lack any moral claim to lead a nation—say, being voted into office—then you are nothing but a fraud, thug and gangster.  I don’t care what clothing you wear or what religion you practice.

Donald Trump knows this.  He knows it the way a surgeon knows what cancer looks like.  And he knows that cancers must be cut out, lest they spread and destroy everything that is healthy.

Yes, America is the world’s physician.  We may not have wanted the job.  And the world may not want us to have the job.  But, it’s ours.  And there’s no turning back.  When God wants a thing done, he gives it to a person or to a people.

We are that people.

Keith Ablow, MD

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