Protest and Anger in Iran Cause for Hope in Jew-Hating Terrorist State

As one year ends and another is set to begin, protests throughout Iran by tens of thousands of Iranians angered by higher prices and the lack of jobs, signals the new day that is upon the greatest example of state sponsored terrorism in the world today.

Robust, angry protests in Tehran and in more than seven major Iranian cities, with protesters shouting angry slogans against the gangsters dressed in black robes and turbans who run the nation, signal the possibility of much great things to come.

Iran’s revolution is basically dead, being carried on by twisted and age-deluded nasty older men in their late sixties and seventies who have little to no interest in or understanding of the nation’s youth, who are tired of a sagging and futile economic existence, as well as the leadership’s resolute addiction to carrying on a socially inept revolution that has been dead for 25 years.

The problem in Iran — and all over the world where the younger generations are left without a voice by older generations in power — is that youth wants progress and economic freedom and well –being more than missiles aimed at Israel and revolution and state sponsored terrorism which drains the national economy.

The protests in Iran across the sprawling nation are palpable indications of much bigger things to come from Iranian youth, who represent the future in Iran more than the aging older men who dominate the place.

Iran’s problem?

The Iranian leadership will not be able to control the outbursts of younger Iranians who understand what the world is all about and who want their world to be all about social, political and economic freedom.

The riots throughout Iran in the past several days indicate the erosion of the old order although the younger Iranians defying the government and the ayatollahs need to understand that force will be used to limit their “uprising.”

Force above all, and the willingness to use it, is no stranger to modern Iran.

The Shah had his secret police and army to keep everyone in line.

But the Shah is ancient history compared with the Internet connected world and the raised consciousness that younger people bring into the context of modern existence in the Muslim state.

It is that raised consciousness that the ayatollahs and their paid bullies cannot contain — and when push comes to shove — no amount of guns and willingness to shoot protesting Iranians will be able to stop the inevitable uprising that is coming.

Whether that is today, tomorrow or next year, the uprising is coming.

The Iranian bullies who run the nation as though it is a religious state will find that its youth cares very little about spending the nation’s wealth on Israel hatred and international terrorism — or call it what you will — support for efforts in Lebanon, Syria and throughout the Middle East, which is a bottomless money pit — even for Iranians.

The riots in Iran in the past several days indicate a growing uneasiness in the society, a growing unwillingness to accept the futility and the lies and the immorality offered to them by older men dressed in black robes who cannot let go because if they do, then they have nothing.

The Iranian protests are a signal, though we cannot be absolutely sure about what, that all things are not well in Iran.

Higher prices for oil and food have apparently caused people to flow into the streets of seven cities.

It is a small storm that could turn into a tidal wave — and no amount of guns and bullets will stop what ultimately happens when those numbers rise into millions.

Could be an interesting 2018 for the Iranian thieves and monsters in their black robes and turbans parading around as religious men, when in reality, they are just a bunch of corrupt gangsters, no better or worse than the Western nations they point their fingers at.

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