Kendall Jenner Sexually Harassed Me Today

POPSUGAR, a celebrity website published photos today of Kendall Jenner, essentially naked from the waist up, with jeans hiked up so high that the outline of her vagina was clearly visible beneath the denim.

Click here to see the photos.

Take a look at the photo and tell me that Ms. Jenner wasn’t attempting to sexually arouse those who saw her—whether in person or online.  I literally had trouble looking away.  It was as though she lured me to her and held me captive.

I really should sue her.

Now, this might sound absurd, but here you go:  It is not the case that females should feel free to walk around half-naked on the street and also, simultaneously, expect that men not think of them sexually in other settings.  So, while women are rightfully expressing outrage at men who harass them, I wish they would also express outrage at women who present themselves, first and foremost, as sexual objects in settings that are neither erotic or romantic.

Why is there no outcry from women over Ms. Jenner showing her breasts in public, thereby impressing upon boys and young men the idea that women are sexual, first and foremost, and should always be thought of as such.

Isn’t it interesting that men don’t parade around the streets with their flies down, showcasing sheer underwear?

When Paris Hilton and Britney Spears arranged videos and Paparazzi photos exposing their vaginas, where was the outcry from women to stop objectifying themselves and, by extension (since those women are, for better or worse, trendsetters), women, in general?

This should not come as a news flash: Males are not perfect at drawing an absolutely firm line between thinking of women sexually in one environment and thinking of them only professionally in another.  And I am not certain that men can ever get there.  So maybe it would a good idea for females to raise a ruckus when a very famous woman runs around town encouraging people to look through her blouse and stare at the cleft between her thighs.

Well, I’ve got to get back to work now.  My mind was commandeered for a bit by Ms. Jenner, but I am escaping from her virtual hotel room, gone viral, now.  I just wish she had taken me more seriously.

Keith Ablow, MD

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