Peace Process Compromised by US Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel?

What peace process? What was compromised?

Several weeks have passed since the United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The entire Arab world has not been set on fire as noted by journalists around the world.

Jerusalem has not erupted in fury.

In fact, some journalists have noted that there are more reporters and television cameras at protests than there are protesters in Jerusalem!

Indeed, the world is not any closer to coming to an end.

We live in a world where mankind’s strongest efforts are aimed at exterminating ourselves.

When it comes to Jews and Israel, this effort magnifies and gains strength and gives hope to those wanting and praying every Friday inside their mosques that Jews and Israel and the United States will be erased from the earth.

The Palestinian Authority run by Mahmoud Abbas is but a front for the folks who are really calling the shots — Hamas and Hezbollah.

Both those organizations call for Israel’s destruction in their constitutions.

How hard is it for non-Jews to understand the impossibility of having a peace process with organizations who call for your destruction?

I’d say it is impossible.

Israel is supposed to negotiate at a table for a new state for the Palestinians with groups that want Israel’s destruction and which call for it in their constitutions.

What nation on this earth in this month and year would negotiate with people who want your children killed and your society destroyed?

This very problem manifests itself perfectly with North Korea building missiles and atomic bombs and promising to use them against the United States and we are told to be quiet.

In the Western press there is the nominal idea nearly always expressed that Hamas and Hezbollah don’t really mean what they say.

It is just bravado, their promise and constitutions which call for the elimination of the Jewish state — and that sitting down with them is required for the peace process to move ahead or the Israeli’s are acting as bullies.

Who in their right mind sits down with such people and organizations?

Let’s turn the tables and think about the state that Hamas and Hezbollah envision for the Palestinian people.

First, Jerusalem is not to be an international city, it becomes an Arab city where Jews won’t be allowed access to the Western Wall – a situation which existed for generations until the Israelis liberated Jerusalem in 1967.

But then, what difference does it make to the world that Jews couldn’t visit their holiest shrine in the holiest of cities or that Jews have kept all the shrines open for all people of all faiths since 1967?

The Israeli’s liberated Jerusalem only after the Egyptian leader, the late Gamal Abdel Nasser, announced to the world in June of 1967 that he was going push all the Israeli’s(Jews) into the sea.

What has followed is 50 years of radical Arabs desiring to exterminate Jews and to destroy Israel so their control of the Holy city and the Holy Land can be left entirely to them.

But life on this earth doesn’t work this way.

In the Middle East, life is largely governed by those whose military is the strongest and most capable.

Peace negotiations in large part are also governed by the same rules.

Only the strong can articulate what the peace will be — not the weak who pray for the destruction of Israel.

How the people of this earth can almost uniformly denounce Israel while at the same time not take a closer look at the barbarity of those tribes wishing to exterminate Jews and to destroy Israel is another bit of wonder.

But then, if you understand the Jewish experience, there is not much wonder about how we are treated.

The peace process has been derailed by Jerusalem being recognized by the United States as Israel’s capital?

What peace process was derailed?

Why haven’t the major players dropped their constitutional promise and duty to kill Jews and to destroy Israel?





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