Could it all Come Down to Balls?

I’m thinking back to the Republican primaries and the Presidential election of 2016.  Many issues were raised, from taxes to military funding to international relations.  But, in the end, Americans seemed to be moved by one candidate—Donald J. Trump—who had what the Spanish call “duende,” loosely meaning (per Wikipedia) “the quality of having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity.”  Another way to think about it, using slang, and in reference, really, to either gender, is the quality of having balls.

Donald J. Trump has balls.  Huge, huge balls.  He has not only ripped to shreds needless regulations that have hamstrung American businesses for decades, but has passed sweeping tax reform in his first year in office.  He has put ISIS on the run and nearly out of business.  He has taken on the FBI and the CIA—the FBI and the CIA—and shown them to be corrupt and part of a shadow government that attempted a bloodless coup to install Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.  He has declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel and announced that we will be moving our embassy there.  He has put the U.N. on notice that its anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism will not be tolerated and will be punished.  He has installed a talented, conservative judge on the Supreme Court.  He has turned back all manner of hate by installing women and minorities in his Administration, because they have true merit—like genius-doctor-statesman Ben Carson and genius, first female Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley (born to an Indian American Sikh family).

Carson and Haley both have, gender aside, what folks call balls.  Carson has called out minority communities to stop killing one another and start motivating one another.  Haley has called out the U.N. to stop sticking up for the terrorists and Jew haters and dictators of the world and start standing up for freedom and tolerance.

I didn’t love it when Donald Trump called Marco Rubio, “Little Marco,” but I noticed that Rubio just showed he has real balls when he Tweeted, “Given its tendency to be forum for anti-Semitism & anti-Americanism, reevaluation of US role as single largest donor to #UN is long overdue.”

He Tweeted.  And he showed balls.  So maybe being called out for not being a giant did Rubio some good.

Maybe, just maybe, the reason that some of Donald Trump’s taunts hit home were because some of them were true:  Jeb Bush wasn’t tough enough to be President at this moment in history.  Marco Rubio wasn’t of the right stature–psychologically (because the taunt wasn’t really about height; being called “Little Jim” would never hit home for, say, General James Mattis, who stands 5’ 9,” but is obviously a giant).

Barack Obama had some balls, by the way, but I believe his agenda was to destroy the United States.  And he came pretty damn close.

Hillary Clinton had some balls, but her agenda was to orchestrate a bloodless coup and take over the country by commandeering the DNC, the FBI and the CIA, while stealing hundreds of millions of dollars to enrich her family.

America needed an American President (focused on America, not himself) with world-class balls, cojones, duende.  And we got one.  This guy is the real, 24-carat, FL (flawless) diamond deal.  And America is stronger and safer because of it.  And the world will be, too.

God willing, we’ve got seven years of President Donald J. Trump left.  And we should be praying for every single instant of it.

Keith Ablow, MD

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