US Tells World at United Nations It’s Decisions are Skewed

United States Ambassador Nikki Haley reminded the United Nations this week that the world cannot any longer beat us up like a punching bag.

The UN, long the bastion of anti-US, anti-Israel sentiment, the safe harbor for nearly everything unfair and illegitimate, once again showed its colors by denouncing the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Instead of presenting a vote denouncing Syria’s dictator Bashar Al Assad, the General Assembly busied itself with a non-binding vote on the Jerusalem matter, again.

Assad is responsible for the deaths of 650,000 Muslims and the exile of another 5 million.

No vote on that because that is not an issue at the UN considered worthy of a vote.

No response on this bit of savage recent history because the slaughter and exile of Muslims by Muslims is something Muslims don’t wish to discuss in the world body.

They’d rather discuss Israel or the US and take non-binding votes that tell us we are bad people and they are good, that we are evil, and they are fair, that we are meddlers and they are not.

The main issue, the big tent picture of wrongdoing at the UN is the United States and Israel, and it has been the key issue for much of the lopsided, big-thinking, membership for decades.

The issue is democracy versus chaos. Democracy versus socialism. Democracy versus the remainder of hopeless, bankrupt Communism.

Turkey’s dictator Erdogan warned the US he’d be doing his own thing about Jerusalem this week.

Perhaps he is dreaming of another Ottoman Empire takeover and rule of the Holy City, and all of Israel as this would be just and right.

Erdogan ought to acknowledge the Turkish slaughter of 4 million Armenians before he speaks of justice about liberating Jerusalem from the Jewish taint.

Erdogan proves that the UN appeals to those who were just fine with Jews not being allowed prayer rights at their holiest shrines during the Arab rule of Jerusalem.

By the UN world standard, this is OK. This is all-right.

This, they tell the world, does not matter.

What matters is that Jerusalem, the capital of Israel since ancient times, cannot be the capital of Israel.

Boiled down to its essence, this week’s vote about Jerusalem is the world rising up to enjoy and to participate in its overt acts of anti-Semitism and US bashing for protecting Israel.

The US response?

Our ambassador told the world body it ought to be ashamed of itself and that we, the US, were not going to hand over aid to nations who condemn us for upholding the rights of Jewish people and our own citizens, and for feeding and supporting the starving millions in this world in return for being denounced by the leadership of the very nations where they are starving.

It is somewhat self-serving to ask the world to thank us for our generosity.

Far worse is a world condemning us after our generosity is shown.

If our generosity is not good enough for the Arabs, the African states, the communist states and the other losers habituating their hate against Israel, Jews and the US in the world body, then why don’t they seek aid elsewhere?

Let China give its billions to those who then turn around and call it a louse, and a loser.

See how long China would put up with that response to its generosity.

Maybe the world body should turn to Russia or even Turkey, for the light it needs to find its way.

The world is a fickle place, and those nations voting against our recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital ought to know better than to criticize us for casting a light on the recognition of reality.

Jerusalem is not a world problem.

The world problem is a UN that does nothing to stop Muslim slaughter of Muslim in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Egypt but works hard and nearly all the time to condemn Jews, Israel and the US.

This week, the US told the UN that for at least the next three years, such rubbish diplomacy so unfair and so depraved, will not be accepted by the US as standard operating procedure.

We have decided not to accept the hate and the denouncement of our generosity by those we have been generous to.

We can only punish ourselves for our generosity for so long, and that time has come.

It was a long time coming.


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