What Does Trump’s Approval Rating Mean? Not Very Much of Anything

CNN has announced that President Trump’s approval ratings for his first year in the White House stand at 35%.

That’s a drop from the 45% approval rating that Trump had in March.

Should the president resign?

Should the president be deterred from whatever it is he is doing or change how he thinks.

Should he rearrange himself so his ratings go higher?

I’m not sure whether or not the ratings matter, or that they mean anything or that they are used other than a tool to disparage his administration.

The folks at CNN tend to believe that an American president’s ratings are more important than what he does or doesn’t do.

That if you are an American do nothing president with low ratings, then you are no good.

If, for instance you were Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the president with the lowest ratings in American history during his first term, should he have resigned or decided on a new plan to allow slavery to bring his ratings up?

Of course not.

Ratings, today, mean nothing.

Ratings have nothing whatsoever to do in a meaningful way when it comes to being president of the United States.

Ratings are also fickle. Ratings are indecisive. Ratings only tell one part of a very complex story about leading this nation — or failing to lead it.

George Bush’s ratings were better than Trump’s.

What does this prove?

He gave us two trillion dollar wars that have lasted for 15 years, while at the same time destroying the lives of brave Americans injured on the battlefields — not to mention the dead — and for what?

Bush had an 86% rating after his first year. Much much higher than Trump.

Jimmy Carter had a higher rating than Trump during the first year of his spineless administration.

Our embassy folks in Iran were locked up by their captors for one year during his presidency and American prestige was brought to an all time low. His ratings ultimately suffered from this.

Richard Nixon had higher ratings during his first year. He ended up being impeached after having a man land on the moon and opening China to the world.

His first year ratings didn’t matter much when he said good-by.

So there you go.

Trump’s first year ratings are the worst in the history of poll taking.

What exactly does this mean?

Should he step down from the presidency and announce in a nationwide speech: “CNN has announced that my ratings are lower than anyone in history during my first year therefor I am resigning the presidency.”

Of course not.

Ratings, that is, who Americans tend to love and or to hate and or to be down the middle about, means about as much as Matt Lauer not being on the early morning desk at the Today Show.

Lauer’s ratings right now have tanked by the way.

Despite ratings, whatever they are, no matter how high or how low, the show must go on.

President Trump being who he is probably feels the ratings are a conspiracy against him or that CNN rigged the ratings to make him look worse than everyone else who came before who was president.

CNN makes a bigger than usual fuss over the ratings because its producers know that the president watches CNN and for them, there is satisfaction in knowing the president is made uneasy by such things being shown over and over on CNN.

Bottom line?

Popularity is important but the ratings have nothing to do with the constitutional right to be president even if your ratings are low.

The ratings mean virtually nothing in our upside down world.

As Shakespeare so eloquently put it: “Nothing can be made from nothing.”

Ratings are nothing… but ratings.








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