Clapper Says Putin Managing Trump Like KGB Agent, But to What End?

Another wonderful CNN special report has determined that President Trump’s closeness with Russia’s Vladimir Putin is all about the president acting as a Russian agent.

This assertion made by James Clapper, our former director of national intelligence, reveals more than anything else how Americans have been fooled in believing in people like Clapper.

One wonders how Clapper rose so high in the Air Force where he served as a Lt. General?

We also wonder how he came to be an under secretary of defense for George Bush the younger?

The greatest wonder is how this 76 year old intelligence expert can have such a distorted view of the collapsed Soviet Empire, and the reduced impact Russia today has upon the world at large.

China and the United States appear to control the future of the world. Clapper ought to understand this.

Instead, he has become an anti-Trump shill for CNN.

Each time I hear him speak I am reminded of how sorry our intelligence and military policies have been.

The Clappers of our world in the United States have brought us twin 15 year wars that have no end– and yet Clapper goes on and on about Russia’s danger to the United States.

Spare all of us please.

Spare Americans please.

Russia is not the enemy.

The Clappers of our world are the enemies.

CNN in this instance is also the enemy for allowing Clapper to mumble his nearly inaudible nothings about the dangers of Russia to its American audience.

President Trump’s relationship with Putin is but a distraction.

Russian involvement in our last national election is a reminder to all of us that maybe we should protect our electoral process from outside meddling.

Does anyone in their right mind today, even Democrats, believe we are entering a second Cold War, and that Putin is leading Russia back to the Soviet Union?

Such a thing could never happen, not even in Russia because people all over the world, and in Russia, have a raised consciousness these days.

If Russia were to invade Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia it would be met with a hornet’s nest of severe reaction from people who have lived freely for quite a long time now.

There is no going back for those folks.

Is Russia going to invade France and Germany to begin another European based World War?

Not very likely.

Incomprehensible really.

Russia would collapse in a heartbeat attempting such massive aggression on our allies.

In the Ukraine Russia has done to that nation what we would do to Mexico if 25 million Americans were living there and being mistreated.

Yet guys like Clapper want to lead us to believe that we face Russian domination and subterfuge because our president feels he has a relationship with the Russian leader.

If Trump can get Putin to do some of his bidding in the Middle East, guess what happens?

Problems are solved overnight because no one on this earth can challenge the United States and Russia when those two nations are lined up together in the same ballgame and facing an opponent.

Even China can’t manage enough force to withstand a united Russian- American initiative whatever it is.

Clapper believes the game is for Putin to fool Trump into submission because Putin is a former KGB agent who knows how to handle people like Trump.

But to what end?

What exactly is Trump going to give away to the Russians?


The thing about Trump is that he could not survive a handler, and certainly not Putin as his handler because Trump isn’t going to be fooled or goaded into situations by the Russian leader.

There was a time during the 19th Century when the entire Russian court led by the Czar spoke French.

Trump’s ambition is to have the entire Russian court led by Putin speaking English.

Clapper’s insinuations about Trump, highlighted by CNN, give rise to the belief that Clapper has no relationship to the changing reality of the world today.

Trump, who he detests, is not about to be working for the Russian court led by Putin.

Trump won’t work for anyone but himself.

He has shown this consistently throughout a long life.

How can I get this and Clapper the intelligence genius can’t?


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