Trump supporters should not get too smug about the Very Special Counsel, because Bob Mueller has already shifted gears from Russia, to harassment, to following the money.

Mike Flynn is singing like a bird about Jared Kushner’s financial dealings and potential perjuries during last year’s transition.

Mueller’s goal, backed up by his deputy Andrew Weissman’s recent subpoena of Kushner’s Deutsche Bank transactions, is to indict Trump son Donald, Jr. and Kushner on perjury and obstruction of justice charges, just in time for the Manafort trial in May. This provides Mueller’s Dem enablers with a platfrom, however bogus, all the way to the November midterms.

My solution, as I expressed on the Joe Piscipo show last week: Trump should fire his own lawyers, Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller and staff and appoint Preet Bharara, former U.S attorney and protege of Sen. Chuck Schumer as Attorney General.

Charlie Finch

Special to Respvblica

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