LeBron James Just Proved He’s a Loser

LeBron James is a great basketball player who could also be the poster boy for narcissism in America.

James apparently believes that being able to cause a basketball to fall through a rim and past some netting qualifies him to assess the performance of Donald J. Trump as leader of the free world.  He called the President a “bum” and accused him of “making hate fashionable, again,” thus failing as a role model for young people.

Well, last time I checked, the President had appointed men, women and minorities to the most powerful positions in his administration.  Last time I checked, the President had spoken to the economic needs of America’s middle class, more powerfully than any leader in decades.  And last time I checked, the President had taken a stand with Israel and Jews all over the world by announcing that America would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Some bigot.

The President has also had the courage and competence to help destroy ISIS in Iraq, to abolish regulations that have choked American businesses, to send the stock market soaring to new heights and to put North Korea on notice that America will not allow it to destroy the world.

President Trump has done all this and more while withstanding utterly baseless accusations that he is a traitor in league with Russia.  He has faced down the FBI, the CIA, foreign dictators, the Republican establishment, the Democratic Party and scores of egomaniacal entertainers like LeBron James.

LeBron James is long on ego and short on insight.  And he apparently thinks that the fact that he can hit three point shots means he’s ready to play one-on-one against Donald J. Trump.

That alone shows how outsized his self-image is.

LeBron James couldn’t score a single point against Trump in any game that matters—say, defending freedom around the world or keeping this nation strong and safe and economically vibrant.  He’d be laughed off the court.

If I were LeBron James I would be working with the White House on ways to keep families together (particularly minority families), perhaps reaching out to team up with a genuine leader like Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.  Maybe Carson could teach James about being selfless and sensitive and sensible and strategic.

Maybe one of the greatest neurosurgeons in the world, turned Presidential candidate, turned Cabinet member could mentor the rich guy who’s really good throwing balls into hoops.

But, no, LeBron James would rather encourage boys and girls to feel like victims.  And, anyhow, he’s too busy taking money from kids living without fathers, who waste their money on merchandise bearing his name or likeness—the name and likeness of an egomaniac.

Some role model.

Dr. Keith Ablow

Here are a few of the Trump related tweets by Lebron James:

Here, Lebron tweets (so articulately) that he supports the kneeling of NFL players who would disgrace our flag and kneel, to show that ‘bum’ Trump what they think of him.


Lebron James claims that Trump has made hate fashionable again in this tweet.


Trump and Lebron Tweets
Again, James calls the president a ‘bum’ and insults his presence in the White House.







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  1. Lilly says:

    Well written, Dr. Ablow!!!

  2. Martinix says:

    James is free to give his personal assessment of the 45th’s work as President of the USA. Who are you to decide whose political comment is worth or not? Hasn’t Trump become president because of the failure of career politicians and analysts? I understand it’s just your opinion yet precisely, just your opinion.

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