Jones Beats Moore by 1.5% of Vote; Moore Refuses to Concede — Jones Says Victory Reveals Unity in Alabama

Doug Jones victory in Alabama over Judge Roy Moore is being heralded as the beginning of the end for President Donald Trump, and the beginning of the end as well for efforts against dignity and respect.

It may well bode exactly that — but the election results reveal that Alabama is hardly unified.

It is almost exactly split.

With all polling places reporting, Jones won by 20,000 votes out of 1.32 million votes cast. There were 22,810 write — ins.

There is no question Jones victory signals a departure from typical Alabama politics where those supporting abortion and speaking out against sexual harassment are treated like lepers by those who don’t.

The talking head political experts helping to divide the nation were abundant in their predictions following Jones victory — and their predictions are as empty as their political grandstanding.

Jones statements echoes their own.

“Alabama has shown we can be unified,” said Jones.

“This entire race has been about dignity and respect.”

“Alabamans have more in common than divides us,”

What appears certain is that the national divide is destined not to change very much in the near future.

The Jones victory hardly spells the end of President Trump’s presidency.

It doesn’t signal the end of sexual harassment.

It won’t stop pro-life folks from carrying on.

It won’t effect the Second Amendment.

Mass killings won’t be stopped.

The inertia in Washington will remain unchanged.

And on and on and on.

Assuming the victory holds, and it appears likely it should and will, the Republicans now have a one-vote margin in the Senate.

That’s a pretty close margin by any measure of thinking and description.

So does this Jones victory change anything?

Is it indicative of the collapse of the right in America?

Not really — unless you watch CNN and read the Huffington Post or the New York Times.

What is Jones victory then all about?

It is about a one-off senate race between a shockingly discredited former judge who should have had the good grace and common sense to withdraw when allegations were made against him by several women that he abused them.

It is also about the president’s foolish and ineffectual efforts to aid Moore overcome the allegations of sexual impropriety by campaigning for him and putting himself on the line for him.

Of course, Trump could care less that Moore has lost and he lost with him.

There is a bigger view of the American political world alive in the president than the senate race won by the Democrats in Alabama.

Still, one wonders about the efficacy — indeed — about the common sense of the president endorsing  someone like Moore when he has his own difficulties with many women rising up and making sexual harassment claims against him.

Those sexual harassment and abuse claims are not going to go away.

They are going to dog him for quite sometime to come.

Trump is not too worried about those allegations as he can’t be taken to task without Bill Clinton being brought to justice for his failure to control strong sexual urges as well.

So one cancels out the other on the national political playing field.

The Democrats won a big victory in Alabama but Alabama is not the whole of the United States. It is but one rather insignificant bastion of ancient tribal meanderings that happens in this instance to have gone to the Democrats instead of the Republicans for the first time in 25 years.

Net effect?

Not much.

When the cheering stops, the nation remains divided. Trump reigns as president.

Another Democrat has been elected to the Senate making the margin between the two parties that much closer.

The divide rules.

Nothing became united because of what happened in Alabama Tuesday night.







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