Tapper’s Call-Out of President About Fake News is Entertaining

Jake Tapper should be about the last person on this earth to determine what is fake news and what is not.

The CNN talking head — a Dartmouth man — ought to know better than to attack the president — who is worthy of attack — to perpetuate the Tapper myth that he is somehow a protector and upholder of what is just and fair in the news.

For he is not any of this.

He is a paid stooge of a group of stooges all salivating over their power to dismiss reality for their version of it everyday on CNN.

As a devoted longtime CNN viewer, I can say with some authority I’ve watched the channel go from broadcasting great news and flash reports, vivid battlefield reporting and startlingly fair delivery of the world’s news to a new organization supported only by its animus of the president and everything Republican.

CNN today is part of the problem not part of the solution.

When Tapper does another one of his hyperbolic call outs of the president, he is simply perpetuating a fraud against the American people who watch CNN and who take CNN seriously.

CNN has become judge and jury for how we should think, who we should vote for, what we should stand for and against and even how we should look at one another.

If you don’t agree with the talking heads at CNN, then you are the enemy in the brave new news world we are experiencing.

If you don’t agree with Tapper and his crew, you are on the other side — and the other side is the enemy.

Like any other enemy, it must be attacked and destroyed at all costs if possible to support your programming and to increase ratings.

Everything, after all, is done to increase viewership.

There is no sanctity to such a scheme. Every American with an ounce of common sense understands this matrix — even if they don’t know what the television news matric is.

Distorting the news to satisfy its own whims is what CNN does best now.

Smug, bland, one-sided news reporting so biased that Tapper’s claims the president is about fake news are laughable compared with the president’s claims that everyone is out to get him.

Americans understand the liberal media is out to get the president.

This is fact not fiction.

It is proven everyday in the liberal media which likes to think it decides for us how we ought to think and react.

The liberal media’s power is so great that nearly half the nation agrees with it while the other half seeks news of a different kind.

The turn right under Donald Trump is refreshing, even if Trump is not refreshing or what all of us believe a president should be and how a president should act.

The president’s manner, well, he is not cut from the presidential mold and the folks at CNN just can’t get over it nor can the Democrats, who yearn for a return to Obama because he appeared presidential and sounded presidential.

When the president says the liberal media is hurling fake news at him to get him, he is as honest as he can be.

This has nothing to do with the fact that his actions lead to this kind of predictable scenario.

Tapper does not speak for me.

I am neither Democrat or Republican. I am a Jew. I think for myself. I editorialize without having to consult anyone. I write to express myself rather than to denounce others thinking differently than I do.

Back to being a CNN devotee… I watch CNN everyday just to prepare myself for the one-sided onslaught that I might get from watching Fox — but I can’t get myself to watch Fox unless my friend Dr. Keith Ablow is on doing his thing.

I watch CNN and listen to Tapper and his colleagues in amazement at how unfair they have become, how disengaged from reality they are, how much they are missing about how Americans think in the creation of the news they disseminate everyday.

It is reported that the president watches 4-8 hours of television a day, drinks a dozen or so Diet Cokes, likes twin Big Macs and fish filets for lunch and eats chips and Oreos.

Doesn’t get more American than that, does it?

But the Tappers of this world exploit his own and their own points of views and they do it in such a way everyday on CNN that you no longer have your own point of view, but rather, CNN’s point of view.

Tapper’s irrelevancy is magnified by his animus for everything right of liberal.

Amazing thing for an elitist who went to Dartmouth.

What, I wonder, has happened to an honest, open unbiased rendition of the evening news?

Where is Walter Cronkite when we need him?

What I wonder would he have to say about Tapper and his crew at CNN?

I think I know the answer, but unlike the folks at CNN hucking their own agenda, It wouldn’t be fair for a journalist to say.

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