Should Judge Roy Moore Step Aside; Or Should the Real Judge and Jury Decide?

Common sense tells all of us that something is up that isn’t quite right with Judge Roy Moore.

The Alabaman running for the US Senate is in the race of his life, literally and physically, especially since several women stepped forward to denounce Moore as a sexual predator who has a lust for young girls.

The charges are as outrageous as his denial of them.

His unwillingness to collapse in the face of such charges and to withdraw from the senate race locks in step his belief that he is larger than the public media court crying out for him to step aside.

There are many reasons someone like Jones won’t step aside.

First, he vehemently denies the charges leveled against him in the press.

Second, he doesn’t recognize the right of the free press to dictate how he acts in any way.

Third, he understands there is only one real judge and jury in this case, and those are the voters in the state of Alabama.

They will either elect Moore or send him into the trash bin of stale history.

Again, the voters exercising their right on election day are the real judge and jury who will decide whether Doug Jones is elected or Moore is defeated.

It remains unknown what Alabama voters are about to do.

Alabama voters are difficult to gauge as many voters tell you they are with Moore when they aren’t while others tell you they are with Jones and they aren’t.

Breitbart had Moore ahead of his competitor in polling by 5% points in a report published Sunday.

A week before allegations were made about Moore enjoying the company of teenage girls and or requesting sexual favors from them years ago, he was ahead by 22 points.

His lead has eroded.

A huge effort is being made by the Democrats to defeat Moore.

Moore has become fodder for the nationwide campaign to out nearly every man who has sexually assaulted a woman during his or her lifetime.

Which brings me back to the election and the ultimate jury assignation assigned to voters wherever and whenever they pass judgment on the outcome of an election.

There isn’t the time to prosecute or an indictment to hand down or even a criminal charge filed against Moore, yet.

He remains a free man except for the damaging assertions women have lodged against him in the media.

This has been a season of the media acting as judge and jury on countless numbers of men who have either been forced from their jobs or to resign their elected public positions or their corporate positions. Many have gone in an instant from the limelight into the twilight by charges leveled against them by women rising up to take control of their lives.

There is no room for the Judge Moore’s of this world who flaunt the very laws they are supposed to uphold and who disregard the rules of engagement with young women whose lives have apparently been damaged by Moore’s actions.

Which brings me back to the voters of Alabama acting as judge and jury.

They are not just a judge and jury, they are the ultimate judge and jury.

Such power held by the voters of Alabama — or in any state for that matter — is short shrift for the politically correct and for the liberals in this nation who believe if they read a charge in the newspaper or hear it on the radio or see it on the Internet and it is a Republican versus a Democrat, well, the Republican needs to step down.

If you are a conservative, it is exactly the other way around.

When the voters of Alabama have spoken and a new senator has been elected, the result will send a strong message about what is right and what is wrong.

If Moore wins, his trials and tribulations do not end. They are just beginning.

His entrance into the senate will not be pretty and for many of his colleagues in government, it won’t be accepted.

Win or lose, Moore faces a difficult future and he must meet the imperative of freeing himself from all the allegations swirling around him.

Jones’ battle is much easier.

He just needs to win the election to prove that the people of Alabama have not lost their ability or reason when it comes to electing its US Senators.

But will Jones win?

Can he win?

The ultimate jury returns its verdict soon.

I will accept the decision of the Alabama judge and jury.

This is the way some things still work in the nation we live in.

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