[ANALYSIS] North Korea Again: “There is Nothing We Can Do?” or “Something Must Be Done?”

I didn’t serve in the armed forces so I am loath to call out the fleet or a division of infantry for a good old fashioned battle.

Even though I didn’t serve, I think I understand something about the exercise of power. This being the case, there is, I believe, there is a growing need to do something about North Korea’s advancing ability to launch a ballistic missile that can target, presumably, the entire United States.

While much of the world dreads what might happen if North Korea launched an atomic bomb over Tokyo or Seoul, the experts employed by CNN have declared that Kim Jong Un may be a dictator who starves his people, who executes his generals and family members, but that survival above all is what means something to him.

“He would never use an atomic bomb.” Oh really!

North Korea with atomic weapons aimed at the US and able to hit American cities is not so important as diplomacy with a madman who CNN experts say we can rely on while our president is a lunatic for confronting him.

This is where most of us who have an ounce of common sense and an understanding of sacrifice, part our ways with the apologists and the liberals who believe we can rely on Kim Jong Un’s good judgment to save us when in fact we need to obliterate his capacity to destroy us to keep a balance of power alive in the world.

“Millions could die,” was the cry out from CNN at the end of this week in an opus by twos expert claiming there is simply nothing that can be done because people will die, that attempting diplomacy until we are destroyed by it is a better solution than taking action.

We would invite these experts to Syria for a talk with Bashar Al Assad, who recently killed 650,000 of his Muslim brothers and sisters and exiled another 6 million in a Satanic Stalinist slaughter so he could keep his power base in Damascus.

The answer to this mdetaphor is to be told by the same CNN experts expounding on how Kim Jong Un is not a madman (it is the American president who is the madman) that Assad is not a madman.

“Look, he remains in power and that’s what he wanted like Kim Jong Un. There is nothing to fear about this because Assad uses common sense even though he is a tyrannical dictator and slaughterer of his Muslim people,” the CNN expert might well postulate. “He had poison gas he could use. He only used it twice with thousands killed, so what’s the problem? He only killed his own people.”

The CNN experts say Seoul is in range of North Korean artillery.

So what is the answer when it is also in range of nuclear weapons aimed at it by a lunatic said to be someone who exercises great common sense.

“We need a smarter approach,” the CNN writers said at the end of the week.

The preferred strategy — do nothing, harm no one, stick our heads in the sand and this will all go away is likely not a good strategy. It is a sorry pipe dream uttered by intelligent well intentioned people.

Tell ourselves that Kim Jong Un just wants to remain in power to starve and subjugate and to slaughter his people and maybe those of South Korea, Japan and the US, and this is OK, preferred to doing what must be done to eliminate the possibility that this lunatic madman cannot nuke us on command.

The idea that Seoul cannot be evacuated to make the artillery aimed at unable to kill anyone is beyond my limited understanding of war strategy.

It seems to me that all official anti-Trump Washington wants to continue the charade of watching North Korea become a nuclear power capable of dictating diplomacy to us rather than us dictating diplomacy to the madman.

I am neither a Democrat or a Republican but I understand this — if Kim Jong Un is allowed to fully implement a nuclear arsenal and to develop ICBM’s to launch them, then this is not the end of the problem, it is the beginning of a greater one.

In the history of the world I do not believe there was ever an instance of a tiny, war mongering nation with a cruel dictator starving its own people directing what a great empire can do to keep the peace instead of the great empire doing what is necessary to protect itself first by destroying the threat.

But then, I am not an expert.

I am not a CNN editorialist.

I am just an American with the idea that we face a colossal danger zone down the road with the lunatic despot in North Korea.

Others claiming to be experts, hoping that by being nice we can welcome this lunatic into the brotherhood of nations and expecting him or his lunatic successors to do the right thing — well — that’s what we call a long shot.

The long shot can also be considered an ICBM with a nuclear bomb on its tip, heading for Los Angeles or Boston with all of us understanding that we have about 15 minutes to prepare to die.

Seoul can’t be protected from conventional artillery.

Los Angeles can’t be evacuated nor can Boston before a nuclear bomb launched from North Korea detonates over either of those to cities.

Think about this — and then be rational — do something to eliminate the possibility or we are just as mad as Kim Jong Un.


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