Could Most Presidents for the Next 100 Years be Trumps?

I know that almost half the country isn’t enamored of President Trump, but I consider him one of the greatest leaders to ever occupy public office.  I am not being hyperbolic.  I class him with Lincoln, Gandhi, Churchill and Jefferson.

The President’s performance in office, thus far, is stunningly impressive.  The stock market is booming.  Unemployment is down.  GDP is up.  America is finally standing up to tyrannical governments like those of North Korea and Iran.  And America has finally, and properly, recognized Jerusalem  as the capital of Israel.

I predict that, if Donald J. Trump seeks a second term, he will win one.

But I further predict that most presidents of the United States, for the next hundred years, will be of the Trump bloodline or related to Donald Trump him by marriage.  Donald Trump has 7 years left in office.

There is every chance that Ivanka Trump becomes the first female, Jewish President of the United States and serves two terms.  That brings us to 15 years.

Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. could occupy the office, at some point in time, for a total of 16 years.

Jarred Kushner could occupy the office for 8 years.

That brings us to 46 years of the next 100 years.

We will then be looking toward the grandchildren.  They could well get us to over 50 of the next 100 years.

This still allows for plenty of non-Trump family members leading the U.S.  Almost half, in fact.

I know this sounds unlikely, perhaps even vanishingly so.  But, consider that some elected members of Congress have served 50 years, individually.

More importantly, consider this:  Sometimes a people will vote in the interest of its people and throw off the manipulation of a political class (think, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Barack Obama) that has gotten into bed with shadow government entities, in an attempt to defraud hundreds of millions of citizens of their real, God-given rights.

Keith Ablow, MD

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