[ANALYSIS] Non-Jewish World View Avalanche: Peace has been derailed in Middle East

Nothing has changed but the complaints since the American president announced that we are recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The world which turned its collective head away from the plight of the Jews when they were nearly erased from the earth during the Second World War during the Holocaust is now upset that naming Jerusalem its capital could impact peace efforts which have failed for 50 years.

Hamas, the powerful Islamist terrorist organization, has called for an Intifada against the enemy Israel.

Hamas, one of the chief organizations Israel must negotiate with to achieve a peace does not recognize the nation’s right to exist, something almost entirely lost on the European nations righteously decrying the move to name Jerusalem Israel’s capital.

The righteousness, in fact, of television experts and diplomatic commentators is as offensive in its disingenuousness as it is in its mass.

Diplomacy has failed for 50 years and the civilized world is trying to hang on to the failed effort rather than to move forward into a brave new world.

Not even the massacre and deaths of 650,000 Muslims or the exile of another 6 million at the hands of Syria’s Bashar Assad matters to the world as much as calling Jerusalem Israel’s capital as having some effect on ordering up chaos in the region.

The chaos in the region is not Israel’s.

It is Muslim chaos – Muslim indifference to Jewish existence – Muslim promises of destroying Israel, of launching death and destruction against Israel because it exists when Muslims would prefer it to disappear.

The leader of Hamas has asked that Mahmoud Abbas withdraw from peacemaking with Israel.

What peacemaking, one might ask if one is reasonable.

Who right now is making peace in the Middle East? And if you are Israel, why would you want to make peace with organizations whose constitutions require your slaughter and the destruction of your state?

In reasonable circles, such a suggestion has gravitas.

When it comes to the Jews of Israel and the demands of Palestinians that Israel be erased or drawn and quartered so Palestinians can have their own state on Israel’s land – well, what is there to say about this?

The American president reversed decades of failed diplomat efforts and policies.

So what have we lost?


What has been gained?

The continued free and open, protected access to all religious shrines in Jerusalem by Israel.

This includes the Temple Mount – built atop the ruins of the ancient Jewish Temple by Muslim haters of the Jewish people.

The question must be asked always, but it is not: who builds their chief mosque on the ruins of an ancient Jewish temple?

Who does such things?

The American president’s reversal of all the failed policies is upsetting the Arab world and Western allies alike.

So what is lost?

What has the world lost?

How have the Palestinian people, treated like second-class citizens by their Arab brothers and sisters for centuries, been affected?

Not at all, except to be asked to rise up and have a good slaughter of as many Jews as possible as payback for Jerusalem being named Israel’s capital.

Not many will see the move this way for this is a politically correct world unto itself praising and supporting failed efforts like a dubious peace process between Israel and those Muslims calling for its destruction.

The poverty, the ignorance, the indifference and the tendency towards violence and hatred that powers all Muslim “peace” efforts with the Israelis will never get beyond a failed first step until they realize Israel cannot be destroyed to make room for a state of their own they want on Israel’s territory.

The world has not yet learned, nor can it come to fully understand that Jews will not be slaughtered like lambs again to satisfy the whims of Nazis or Arab Muslim haters.

As a Jew, watching and listening to the pleas of experts in diplomacy denouncing the American president’s move as craziness or insanity shows how crazy and insane those making such statements tend to be.

The failed peace process has no foundation, no right to exist, no sensible base for discussion unless and until all the adversaries, and this includes Israel, come to the table as sensible human beings supporting everyone’s right to exist.

Until such time as this happens, the efforts at Middle Eastern peace are doomed to the trash bin of history in a land where Muslims can’t live in peace with each other let alone exist with Israelis who they promise to exterminate.

The cries of a world out of control, distant from reality, begging for a peace to be arrived at that is based on false premises and failed policies are just that – failed and false.

Peace hasn’t been buried by naming Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

History and common sense have been exhumed to live another day.

The peace agreement is gone?

What peace agreement?

What peace effort?

Recognize our right to exist as human beings or die trying to take Jerusalem back.

Those are the choices.

And peace remains very far away.


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