[ANALYSIS] US Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel: “Recognition of Reality”

Calling it a recognition of reality, the United States has announced it now officially considers Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

This is not so much a historic happening as it is a long overdue correction of history.

Jerusalem as the capital of Israel recognizes finally and forever, the utter and complete liberation of Jerusalem from the stale notion that Jerusalem should be under exclusive Arab control, control which did not allow Jews the right to go to their holiest site until 1967.

That Jerusalem in Arab hands restricting Jewish visitations to our holiest site was not a world outrage is as important to consider than how the Arabs went to war with Israel as soon as the United Nations gave Israel the right to exist for the hundreds of thousands of remaining Jews, the remnants of Jewish European civilization who escaped the Holocaust or who came to the Holy Land as a right of return following our near extinction at the hands of the Nazi monsters.

You really have to be Jewish or Christian to understand that Jerusalem must be an open city even and especially if it is the capital of Israel.

In a small but inadequate way, it corrects the injustice of the world knowing of the extermination of the Jews during the Second World War and doing nothing, absolutely nothing to stop it until it was nearly complete.

The US calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel doesn’t correct that glaring wrong but it goes a long way to correcting the historical record which has somehow been contrived to limit the Jewish state’s control of Jerusalem out of respect to the Palestinians who believe it is they and they alone who should have Israel as their capital in a nation that does not exist.

The announcement the US now recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital met with the standard Arab responses, which were echoed by the liberal press here in the US.

In the Huffington Post, it was announced that “Trump Destroys Peace Process.”

What peace process one might well ask?

Is it the failed peace process that has held Israel hostage to Palestinian beliefs that Jerusalem is theirs and theirs alone for the past 50 years?

What peace process is the Huffington Post referring to?

The peace process has been bankrupt for 50 years!

You can’t call for the destruction of Israel and its people and be Arabs and pretend to be in a peace process.

Does this not ever occur to the people of the world all struggling for their rightful place on this earth?

It occurs to Jews — but not everywhere.

Pathetic, passive American Jews cower and fret over Jerusalem being considered the capital of Israel because they have bought into the rubbish thinking that diplomacy which emasculates the Jewish State is the only form of justice to be allowed in the Arab dominated Middle East.

Jerusalem should somehow be given back to the Palestinians who never owned it, to Arabs who excluded Jews from it and who built their holiest mosque on the ruins of the great Jewish temple from antiquity.

Who does such things in the modern world?

Not even in the 7th Century would Jews have committed such a travesty of culture, history and tradition as the Arabs did on the Temple Mount.

CNN’s talking heads have warned of dangerous consequences, the same words used by Palestinian “leader” Mahmoud Abbas who said Tuesday, it would cause an upheaval.

The world media has already removed the word “rage” from the Palestinian promise asking for “three days of protest and rage” as if by doing so the protest will somehow be peaceful.

The Palestinians will do what they know how to do best — and that is — to be violent, to act as terrorists on innocents, to marinate in their frustration that they cannot have what they want because history and a bunch of Jews are in the way.

The bunch of Jews in the way aren’t going to roll over and die.

We are not worried about dangerous consequences.

It is far more dangerous for history to be re-written falsely than to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

King Abdullah of Jordan – the king of a Hashemite dynasty that no longer exists – has warned that peace efforts could fail.

We Jews should never forget that it was his father who kept Jews away from the Wailing Wall until the Jordanians controlling Jerusalem were obliterated by the Israelis in 1967.

Peace efforts could fail.

Is this really a consideration given that they have failed for 50 years and might fail another 50 years until Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinians acknowledge the right of the state of Israel to exist and to stop calling for the destruction of Israel as a pre-condition for sitting down at the peace table to smoke the peace pipe?

Is there not an ounce of common sense held among Arabs that gives some consideration to the phrase, “Never Again.”

Do they not understand that Jerusalem remains open to all people — including Arabs — under Israeli control, which the Palestinians call “occupation.”

How does one occupy its own state?

President Trump is not going to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. But in the hearts and minds of Jews who understand our history wherever we live under the constant shadow of being exterminated by those who don’t care for us there should be unanimous consent that he has done a big thing, the right thing and that this should cause the Arabs to think about sitting down at the peace table to get their half of the prize.

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