The Week in Review — How the Mighty Have Fallen: General Flynn and Matt Lauer

This past week’s news was as big as it comes on the American landscape.

General Michael Flynn said he was guilty of lying to the FBI and had made a deal with Special Prosecutor James Mueller to cooperate with the government’s investigation into Russia’s involvement in the last election in return for not investigating his son’s connection to this imbroglio.

Even worse, television personality and star known around the world Matt Lauer, was fired from his job at NBC’s Today Show because of allegations he had repeatedly sexually harassed a woman working at the station — and later in the week, as many as eight women had come out of the proverbial woodwork to add their voices to such claims.

Lauer was fired as unceremoniously as Flynn, the only difference, more people cared about Lauer’s firing than Flynn’s, which proves that the trials and tribulations of television stars are more important to the American masses than generals.

Lauer was making $25 million a year when NBC executives ordered him not to come to work last week, or ever again because of harassment charges which Lauer later admitted too, but not completely, with a statement that said some of the charges were true but that others weren’t characterized correctly… and he wrote that he was very sorry.

Sorry, indeed.

It is likely he will never work in television again but then, what does that matter when you have as much money as Lauer?

Of course we mortals who watch television rather than the Lauer’s of this world, who control their public spaces on the anchor desk, cannot imagine what it is like to have lost such a job at such an astounding salary, and with it, the ability to lure younger women into sexual drudgery and coercion they later come to loath.

The charges against Lauer, say those who knew him, were a long time coming. He had a buzzer on his door at NBC so he could have privacy if necessary to conduct sexual harassment. He bought sex toys for women who weren’t his wife — not necessarily a crime but really bad behavior. He tried to escape the loneliness of having to cover the Olympics all over the world by filling those voids by having sex with young, beautiful women in nearly every city he went to — and most often, they weren’t interested in having sex with him except that he was a big star and he lured them into bed.

Such conquests have come at a great expense.

What, most of us wonder, could he have been thinking? That the buzzer wouldn’t be discovered? That younger women coerced into sex with him would not speak out?

What I wonder about is how Lauer is getting along with his wife and two children at home.

Let’s leave the kids out.

How is his wife responding to this crisis? Will she loyally stand next to her man? Will she file for divorce? Will she be filled with hatred and contempt for her husband who has embarrassed her by having harassed countless women to have sex with him and has been found out?

Bingo. That is the answer.

Can you imagine the discussions Lauer has had with his wife?

They probably go something like this: “You told me you weren’t screwing that woman!! How many times, Matt? How many times did you screw her? And what about that other one? How many times with her? And what about all the others who have come forward, Matt?”

Can you imagine when Lauer learned the news he was being fired what he told his wife?

“Honey, I won’t be going into work anymore?”

Even his co-hosts didn’t know what happened to Lauer when he didn’t show up for work last week. And after they learned what happened, there was only the big lie, the fake smiles and the repetitive mindless laughter on the Today Show.

Do you suppose Lauer and his wife went out to five star restaurants in Manhattan after the announcement to be seen? I don’t think so.

On to General Flynn.

Of all things, he’s a Democrat from Rhode Island, a national security expert now inveigled in an investigation aimed at toppling the legally elected American president because the left can’t tolerate the right — not because Americans care that anything was done to corrupt the election.

If anyone really cared, we’d be more worried about the coming election than the last one. If Americans cared, there would already have been a revolution. Flynn lied to the FBI. Mueller now has him cooperating.

What will Flynn do?

He will do what most people do in his position — he will tell Mueller whatever he needs to know providing he can give such an answer. In the end, the answers may not be what Mueller is hoping and wanting to hear but Flynn has to be straight up or he is going away to jail — and guys like him don’t want to be languishing in prison.

What does he know? What will he testify to? How will this impact the president?

Right now, this is anyone’s guess, including Mueller.

The speculation has been rampant on the left.

The demise of President Trump is imminent if you watch and listen to the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR and on and on. But I am not certain of the president’s demise any more than I am certain about what Flynn has done and of what he knows. This I do know — when you are indicted by a special prosecutor for lying to the FBI you are in deep trouble. People in deep trouble do things us mortals would never think of much less imagine.

This I know — in such a situation — Flynn’s loyalty has flown out the window.

Lauer’s wife is not so different.

With notions of fidelity gone, her love for her husband has flown out the window.

Such is life.



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