Middle East Notebook: Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital is a Seismic Event and Legally Just

The expected United States move next week to locate our embassy in Jerusalem and to recognize the city as Israel’s capital has been a long time coming.

It is a bold and influential measure taken by the American president which drives like a head on car crash into the nearly impenetrable wall of political correctness built over many years that has caused Israel to take on a pariah state persona around the world instead of being recognized as the Middle East’s only democracy — and about the best place a Muslim could hope to live and to pray five times a day without being slaughtered.

Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a return to historical imperative.

No one has inhabited Jerusalem longer and with more vigor and a sense of nationhood than the Jews — and now the Israeli’s — who are Jews — with millions of Muslims living peacefully and with good incomes and homes in democratic Israel who will not celebrate the move, but who will not complain.

Of course there is a caveat to the announcement coming from the United States — the United States is only recognizing half of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, leaving the other half for the Palestinians should they ever be industrious enough and smart enough and willing enough to do what it takes to create their own state.

Where I come from, we call this being fair — and what is wrong about being fair?

What needs to happen now is for the Palestinians and their Hamas and Hezbollah buddies to stop their promises to destroy Israel first and then get on with their state.

This won’t work as history has shown.

The Muslim Arab tribes can’t defeat nation-states, no matter how much they hate Israel and Jews and non-Muslims. They don’t have the intellectual power or enough weapons of mass destruction to erase Israel.

The Israelis/Jews aren’t unable to protect themselves from extermination promised by terrorists, thieves and degenerate haters, nearly all of whom are religious Muslims.

This is where modern history intersects with the lessons of the past for Jews.

But not all Jews will celebrate this move of the capital.

Millions of American Jews who would be unable to protect themselves from another Holocaust because they are so weak and divided will find something to complain about – this naming of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

These weak Jews so wanting to be on the side of the Palestinians and against our brothers and sisters in Israel to show what good and nice people Jews can be are the Judenrat. They are living inside an American dream. They are traitors to Israel and to Jews everywhere.

This is all well and good in a fairy tale world where kid type stories are read at bedtime and they fall asleep to live and float on huge, puffy, soft white clouds as if living in the sky.

Today’s evil, hostile, terror ridden world allows for no such fantasy in the Israel of today.

Israel remains surrounded by people who have sworn to exterminate them and to destroy their nation — a real Nazi/Arab/Muslim promise that resonates with those of us who understand something about history, Jewish history and our connection to the Holocaust.

Never again is the Jewish/Israeli response to the haters who abound around us.

Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is fair and just.

It was for centuries and eons of time the Jewish capital of Israel!

The American president’s order slaps in the faces those millions of Muslims who pray and shout inside mosques around the world at prayers for Israel’s destruction and for the Jews to be wiped out so that Jerusalem and Israel can be theirs.

One thing about this cold, harsh and relentless world — it is as Mao once said: All power comes through the barrel of a gun.

As long as Israel’s power to destroy its neighbors, who want to destroy Israel, remains in tact, Israel survives.

As long as Israel remains a democracy, the Muslims living there will have a better life than they would in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan and on and on.

I can just see it now, the politically correct lining up one by one to tell the world they can’t accept Jerusalem as Israel’s half/capital even if the Palestinians get their half.

This is the beauty of the American president’s action — putting the world on notice that Israel is to be treated fairly and with respect, especially to its history and the history of the world since the beginning of time.

Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — Baruch Hashem.

This is a joyous monumental historical moment in the modern history of the Jewish people.

Amazing, really.









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