A Little Bitcoin Is The Best Christmas Gift To Give

A hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin could be worth $10,000 in 5 years. No wonder Bitcoin has captured the imaginations of countless people around the globe—from children to senior citizens.

Lots of folks, however, still wait to buy Bitcoin, partly because the process of doing so is slightly cumbersome. At Coinbase.com, for example, a person has to enter a license and provide a credit card or bank account to procure one of the virtual currencies which Coinbase offers.

So, I suggest that good Santas create a Coinbase account for themselves, then create Bitcoin wallets (at, for instance, Blockchain.info) for each of the people they want to send gifts to. Then, simply send a little Bitcoin to each person on your “Nice” (not “Naughty”) list.

Write the information about the wallet (including the password) on a Christmas card and hand it to the recipient. Trust me, you’ll be appreciated.

Not only will you be showing that you took a little extra time to create your Bitcoin gift, for its recipient, You’ll be giving a gift that might appreciate very significantly in value. And you’ll be providing lots of entertainment with your gift, too, since the person who receives it will watch the coming highs and lows and highs of Bitcoin with great interest.
If you want to add more incentive for learning about Bitcoin to your gift, then put the card inside a book about Bitcoin. There are lots to choose from, on Amazon.com.
We stand at the threshold of a massive shift in the way we exchange money with one another. Giving people you love $100 of Bitcoin this Christmas might actually mean they have $100,000 in 15 years. But that isn’t really the point. It’s a fun, exciting, interesting, creative, unique gift right now. And that’s worth a lot.

Keith Ablow, MD

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