Dr. Keith Ablow: Why U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Is The Biggest Embarrassment To Our Country Of 2017 (And I’ll risk $1,000,000 to prove it.)

America has so much to be proud of.  We remain the beacon of freedom upon which the world must rely—like it or not—to safeguard the rights of man against evil.  We remain man’s greatest hope for discoveries in science and medicine to keep disease in check and fight the war against cancer.  I could go on and on and on.

America has a few things, as 2017 closes, about which to be embarrassed.  There’s nothing good, for instance, about famous American men exposing themselves to young women.  There’s nothing positive about professional athletes hating on our flag.  But, my choice for the biggest embarrassment to the U.S. in 2017 is the presence of Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate.

Elizabeth Warren is the worst kind of liar and fraud—and Massachusetts voters are likely to re-elect her.  This, after Warren pretended to be Native American, in order to enhance her prospects at Harvard University, then refused to apologize.  She continues, in fact, to assert that her calculated, humiliating, utter disregard for the truth and her outrageous act of disrespect to real Native Americans was based on family lore about a distant relative having been Cherokee.

Warren didn’t object when Harvard Law School identified her as its first “woman of color.”

By the way, notice that I have refused to use the words Senator, Elizabeth and Warren in sequence.  Uttering those three words would infect me with her ruse.  “Ms. Warren” is the right identifier for an electoral criminal who stole votes based on impersonating a Native American.

The fact that such a human being, on par with Bernie Madoff for the branzenness of her duplicity, is a U.S. Senator is a profound blight on the credibility of our government and the sensibilities of our electorate.  Her continued presence in the U.S. Senate literally calls into question whether that body has any ability to police itself and, ultimately, any credibility.

I am so certain that Elizabeth Warren is a 24-carat fake that I will make her this offer.  If Warren will sit for a series of 6 polygraphs designed to establish if she knew she was being untruthful when she identified herself to Harvard University as a Native American, and if she can pass 2 out of 6 of those polygraphs, I will donate $1 million dollars to her reelection campaign.  Yes, a single polygraph can be in error.  But I’m only asking her to pass a third out of six.  That allows for false negative results on two thirds.

I’m waiting, Ms. Warren.  What say you, as my candidate for Biggest Embarrassment to the U.S. of 2017?

Dr. Keith Ablow


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  1. Jim Basler says:

    Now THAT’S putting your money where your mouth is.

  2. smadusk says:

    compared to the pussy grabber / pure racist / liar in the white house ????

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