Saving President Trump

Special to Respvblica, by Charlie Finch

The news that Bob Mueller has turned General Michael Flynn, by threatening jail for the General’s son, in order to get Flynn to turn President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner against the President is the first dagger at the heart of a Trump impeachment.

The backwards logic, so characteristic of Mueller and his enabler James Comey, proceeds thusly: last January, Trump compassionately asked Comey, in private, to forgive Flynn; Comey, alarmed, leaked this to The New York Times, chickening out Jeff Sessions to recuse himself and appoint Mueller Special Prosecutor.

Now, Mueller works backwards, starting with the transition, after the President’s surprise election a year ago.

To digress, there is a long history of Presidents screwing around with Presidents-elect during the transition from one administration to another.

In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson suspected President-elect Nixon of urging the North Vietnamese, through his powerful pal Anna Chennault, to stay away from peace negotiations until Nixon’s inaugural.

In 1979, President Carter suspected President-elect Ronald Reagan of negotiating with the Iranian ayatollahs for the release of American hostages on the day of Reagan’s ascendancy, which, in fact happened.

The difference in the Obama/Trump transition is that, because of Trump’s unexpected upset, Obama officials immediately began “unmasking” and otherwise spying on the Trump transition team in an effort to undermine it.  This flowers in the threatening of a cowering, vulnerable General Flynn.

Thus Mueller’s job is to “flip the narrative” backwards to create a false tale of collaboration with Russia during the transition. This is, in fact, a smokescreen to cover the illegal spying activities of the Obamaites.

Got that, folks?

And, cunningly thinking backwards like “What about Bob Mueller?” we have not yet even arrived at his Special Counsel’s charge to investigate “Russian collaboration with Trump in the 2016 election.”

Mueller will soon fast forward his backward glances towards impeaching President Trump, if he is not stopped.

Two more crucial things, in my view: 1) The Trump strategy of using lead counsel John Dowd, a friend and former law partner of Robert Mueller, is manifestly not working 2) President Trump’s best friend, going forward, is former President Barack Obama.

Did you notice how, on Election Night 2016, it was President Obama’s urging which got Hillary to concede? Obama and Trump both defeated the Clinton machine, thus saving the republic from a truly corrupt Hillary reign. But both Obama and Trump are masters at getting their aides to “take the fall.” After all, that’s what Presidents do! They also, in the modern era, get pursued by unconstitutional special counsels, too old and vain to do real work…

“What about Bob,” indeed?



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