America — A Christian Nation Wanting to Turn the Other Cheek After Being Attacked with an Atomic Bomb

We are a Christian nation and we are showing it with full colors flying in the new debate the Democrats have launched to question the American president’s right or duty to launch an atomic bomb.

This is righteous debate at its best.

If we were to do the right thing along these lines of thinking, then the House and the Senate would take the right away from the president to react to others atomic bombing us.

What do I mean?

North Korea announced nearly everyday that they are building atomic bombs and missiles able to reach America in order to atomic bomb us.

Many dismiss this as hubris — and perhaps it is.

But what if the North Koreans, in a moment of madness, launch an atomic bomb at Los Angeles and it is hits Los Angeles, destroying the city and killing a million people or so and making several million sick with radiation?

At least at such a point all of us will know and righteously proclaim that diplomacy has failed and that perhaps some type of retaliation might be justified.

Would the Congress and Senate then want to have a debate about exactly what ought to be done in response or should the commander and chief, no matter who it is, launch an attack against the aggressor to subdue the aggressor and to make it impossible for him to attack us or anyone again?

This is a good question.

After all, we are a democracy and therefor such attacks with nuclear weapons are always up for debate as they should be.

There are other possibilities in this rising debate questioning President Trump’s right to act as the commander and chief because there are those who feel his rhetoric is too harsh and his warnings to North Korean too direct to allow him the right to launch and atomic weapon at an adversary?

In Israel, there are no such debates where that nation has about 200 atomic weapons ready to go, to annihilate those who want to wipe out the Jewish State or at least to make it disappear.

Israel calls its possibility of being destroyed by madmen and religious zealots an existential, which is exactly what it is.

Here in the United States, we can no longer call a spade a spade.

Since the end of World War 11, we have been an empire unwilling and unable to do whatever is necessary to win another war.

In fact, we win the wars and we lose the peace because we don’t want to offend the rest of the world or corrupt it by showing the world our might.

Back to North Korea and the rising debate about the president’s right to launch an attack being taken away from him or given to the do-nothing, self enriching, blind and inert legislative branches of our government which is adrift and has been for 70 years.

We have become too smart for our own good with experts of every kind trying to give a positive spin to doing nothing against North Korea’s slap on the face to the entire civilized world.

This piece isn’t about dropping an atomic weapon on North Korea because that won’t happen. Hate to say it to the liberal folks trying to make a case to take President Trump’s right to launch an attack away from him — but the debate about emasculating President Trump is a debate about watching ourselves be attacked and partially destroyed and then having no real idea of how to respond or to respond at all.

This is called turning the other cheek.

If the Congress takes away the president’s right to respond to an atomic attack, what then?

If Los Angeles is destroyed by a North Korean atomic bomb, do we turn the other cheek or do we destroy that nation’s ability to attack anyone ever again?

That would be some debate as we praised first responders helping our irradiated Los Angeles residents who survived the blast.

This would make for great news reports for all Americans to watch.

The real solution is for this nation to make it a law that no nuclear weapon we have can ever be used — even if others use them against us.

But we don’t have the spiritual, religious or Christian courage to act this way.

That’s Jesus would have done.

But we are not Jesus.

Still, we don’t want to die.

The debate about taking away the right of the president to respond with a nuclear weapon to North Korea if they unload one on us is all about the implausible.

It is a dream versus reality.

A hope versus a terrible truth.

That if we do nothing but empty, futile debate to stop the North Koreans from atomic bombing us, they might just do it?

What then?

This is the question that ought to be debated and arrived at unanimously.

Not whether or not the president has the right to pull the trigger after an attack or before one.

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