Intelligence Experts Gang up on Trump — But Should We Trust Clapper and the Others?

Since before Pearl Harbor, our intelligence agencies do not have a good record of protecting the United States from catastrophe.

Pearl Harbor, of course, was the greatest catastrophe, sinking our Pacific fleet and giving the Japanese Imperialists a free reign in the Pacific where they hopped from island to island destroying American military bases and weapons, capturing the Philippines, and raising the Rising Sun flag nearly everywhere.

Our intelligence agencies didn’t know that the Russians had exploded an atomic bomb long before the Cold War began.

The Russians knew we had exploded an atomic bomb in the desert in New Mexico in 1945 before Joseph Stalin received word of the explosion during his meeting with President Harry Truman, who told him about it.

Our intelligence services had no idea that China was going to send about 1 million troops at us in Korea when we had the North Koreans on the ropes during the Korean War. It was easier to blame Gen. Douglas MacArthur than to take responsibility for such an egregious error and oversight.

Our intelligence, military and civilians provided us nothing of substance about what we faced in Vietnam — in fact — provided us with pablum that got us locked up in that war which took 50,000 lives and spent so much of our resources. Our intelligence services were busier gathering information on anti-Vietnam protesters than anyone else.

When the embassy was sacked in Tehran, Iran and our State Department employees taken hostage – which lasted until the day Ronald Reagan became president – it was a result of bad intelligence. Supporting the Shah of Iran was also about bad intelligence and bad politics fed by bad intelligence. Our intelligence agents killed Iran’s only democratic leader, paving the way for the Shah. Pathetic really.

Jump to 9/11, which our intelligence agencies had virtually no idea about or if they did, did nothing to pursue a strategy of stopping such a thing to happen.

How about our intelligence services taking ten years to find Bin Laden and on and on and on.

Now comes our intelligence services ridiculing the president for not eating hook line and sinker their assertions that Russia ran our election past, not us.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper — a CNN stooge and someone you wouldn’t trust with your dog — said that Trump’s downplaying of the Russian intrusion into the political system is dangerous to our national security.

Former CIA head James Brennan said basically the same thing.

I wonder what both these astute observers and James Comey, the former head of the FBI, might have done if they had been the head of their agencies when John F. Kennedy was assassinated and the incident was investigated.

Because of the CIA and the FBI Americans still can’t be sure who killed the late president and why.

The FBI and CIA are continuing to ask that the president withhold documents about the assassination because our national security could be affected when all of us intuitively know these intelligence agencies are continuing the cover-up, whatever it was.

I’m not for CNN’s Jake Tapper leading the call for everyone to listen to the CIA and the FBI these days.

I’ll take my chances with the president, thank you.

He can’t be worse than they are.


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