MSNBC Contributor Thinks Vegas Shooter is Still Alive

The Left’s fake news keeps getting more and more fake.  This time, MSNBC contributor and Wall Street Journal reporter Eli Stokols tried to impugn the reputation of President Trump by questioning why the President called for the death penalty for the Saypullo Saipov, the New York terrorist who mowed down victims, while failing to call for the death penalty for Stephen Paddock, the shooter who murdered 59 people in Las Vegas.  Stokols’ apparent beef was that Saipov hails from another country, showing the President’s hatred of non-Americans.

Well, there was one big reason the President didn’t call for the death penalty for Paddock:  PADDOCK WAS ALREADY DEAD.  HE KILLED HIMSELF, AFTER COMMITTING MASS MURDER.

Now, if Stokols still has a job, or ever gets another one in journalism, at any time, for the rest of his life, that would be evidence of another kind of prejudice:  Favoring incompetent, Left-leaning haters of the President over smarter, more careful, truthful human beings.

This is what it’s come to, Folks.  America has lost its mind.  If it regains its sanity, that will be, in large measure, due to the stewardship of one Donald J. Trump.

My vote for Trump was and will always be one of the proudest moments of my adult life.  One year into his administration, with Democrats crying and screaming about failing to elect a criminal (Hillary Clinton), I am still grateful my son and daughter were able to witness America coming back to its senses and electing a great leader to lead this great nation.


Keith Ablow, MD



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