Morning Memo to a Republican Friend

As more than a casual observer for nearly a lifetime I can guarantee you this…unless and until the Democratic Party can find again its raison d’être, it cannot win in the current national political climate. The awakened and organized conservative side is simply too strong right now for the Democrats to duck it, sidestep it or wipe it away as they’d like to do. The victories by Democrats scored in this week’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey don’t matter in the context of the side battle for political territory that is ongoing. What matters is what the parties say to their followers and how much their followers tend to believe their promises. Right now, the Hillary thing remains the Democratic Party’s greatest impediment to moving forward. Recent negative comments about Hillary stealing the nomination uttered by Senator Warren and Donna Brazile epitomize the difficulties of gaining a foothold for a united Democratic Party. The other problem — united about what? No one believes the Democrats anymore than they believe the Republicans. The split is about ideology not the promise of a better nation. Everyone wants a better nation, a stronger more prosperous America. Everyone knows that this dream is dead until our elected public officials do something more than enrich themselves by coming to Washington. Bottom line, don’t look for very much to change in the coming year although events can often re-shape the nation’s thinking and destiny — as 9/11 caused everything to change. In other words, don’t worry about the Republicans maintaining their majority in both the House and the Senate.

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