Dr. Keith Ablow: Just Yesterday, Democrats Proved They Are Toddlers

Hundreds of liberal Democrats gathered yesterday, on the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump being elected President of the United States, to vent by screaming at the sky.

What’s interesting about this event—although it is mostly pathetic—is that it could only work with participants who are Democrats. If one were to invite Republicans to meet up and scream at the sky out of frustration that, say, FBI Director Mueller won’t issue indictments over the Uranium One fiasco, no one would show up. No one. Why? Because Republicans haven’t turned into children who express their political losses like children, screaming and crying, out of frustration.

There may be no more compelling example of how the Left has hobbled people than the scene of hundreds of Clinton followers disempowered by their own icons to humiliate themselves in a public display of how psychologically helpless they have become.
Mind you, the organizers of this screaming-at-the-sky event could have organized a letter-writing campaign to their elected representatives. They could have gathered together to raise money to elevate the candidacy of a new left-leaning leader. They could have gathered together to collect signatures opposing a border wall. But, what they actually did was to gather together to dramatize the clear fact that they feel utterly powerless. And guess who disempowered them? Not Donald Trump. No, the leaders they love did it to them, through entitlements that have turned them into the equivalent of three-year-olds who rant and rave, because they don’t remember, anymore, what else to do. They have, in psychological terms, regressed. And that’s what the Left has always wanted—a United States of Children, led by an elite political class who are the only ones who qualify as adults (i.e. parents, i.e. the state becomes the parent of hundreds of million of adult toddlers).

Yesterday’s screamers were eager to mug for cameras, of course. And that’s because they aren’t just toddlers —they’re narcissistic toddlers. As such they are even more vulnerable to control by an all-powerful state, because narcissists can be satisfied by giving them iPhones, Facebook and a way out of the pain of losing themselves—cue, legalized marijuana.

I would be mortified if my son or daughter were photographed or videotaped at a scream-fest after their political goals were voted down by America. I would feel humiliated. I would take it as proof positive that I had failed to instill autonomy and grit in them. And I would hold myself responsible.

But, see, I am not a Democrat in the year 2017. Hence, personal responsibility as a parent and voter and gun owner and physician and political animal and human being still means something to me.

Keith Ablow, MD


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