What about Kevin Spacey; He’s really made the honor roll!

All of us old enough to have grown up with Kevin Spacey understood he is gay.

Despite playing so many macho roles, the man was and is gay.

This is not a crime.

But being gay and pretending for a lifetime to be a macho guy in the movies and on television is a bit much.

Even for Spacey it has proven, in the end, to be a failure of strategy in hiding his real difficulty, which is being unable to control his sexual impulses on the set, in the privacy of his home and with others in a variety of social circumstances.

He cannot keep his hands off men’s genitals, or so it appears with the numerous and growing number of actors and acquaintances now claiming they were molested, groped, or otherwise begged by Spacey to have homosexual sex with him allegedly against their will.

The interesting figure to be revealed would be the number of men who enjoyed having homosexual encounters with Spacey, who welcomed his advances, who played out their roles as his lover, who made love with him and who cherished and even welcomed the opportunity.

Those of us who loved his performances, and especially his commanding role in LA Confidential, have always held Spacey in high regard as an actor.

He has won an Academy Award and a Tony.

He has enjoyed the adulation of a huge fan base throughout the world, and he has led, until recently, what appeared to be a very charmed life as a great Hollywood actor untarnished by rumors of sexual depravity and degeneracy.

Turns out Spacey was apparently sexually and physically abused by his father, who was a Nazi racist hater type, according to Spacey’s older brother Randy Fowler, who lives in Boise Idaho where he is a limo driver and Rod Stewart impersonator.

This makes sense and give some shape and form to all the allegations now popping up about Spacey’s sexual depravities and indecencies.

What I wonder about is how Spacey is digesting all of this new and widening interest in his sexual life and his homosexual depravities – which are the mirror image of heterosexual depravities as all sexual depravities are, at their base, the same and the result of urges that cannot be controlled.

How is Spacey now viewing himself?

How is he processing all of this?

How has it changed his life overnight?

He is apparently now in therapy somewhere in a private facility.

He has also issued an apology early on in  the growing scandal saying he was sorry but didn’t remember a particular incident as brought to light by an actor claiming Spacey tried to rape him.

I think it is impossible to forget a rape attempt, especially when you are the perpetrator. So admissions that he couldn’t remember didn’t go over very well to the public or to those now chasing down the victims of Spacey’s apparently uncontrollable urges for homosexual sex.

He has been accused by more than a dozen men who say he sexually harassed, groped, assaulted or attempted to rape them in episodes going back decades.

For those of us who have suffered great ups and downs in our lives, we wonder – how does Spacey ever walk around in public again or at a Hollywood opening or a  charity event?

How does he show his face and smile at the crowd, again?

How does he or how is he processing inside his mind how to deal with the future now that he has been revealed as quite simply, a pervert dressed Hollywood finery and adulation?

This is a good question.

Does he confront his depravity and admit to it and try to cure it?

Can it be cured?

Now that much of the world paying close attention to media reports everyday about Spacey being a pervert instead of a great actor I wonder how Spacey confronts this colossal impediment to living out the remainder of his life with dignity.

Can he overcome this glitch in his career?

One wonders and only time will tell.

I know this: it a very difficult time for Spacey and for all those whose lives have been mutilated by his depraved sexual advances.

The adoring world who showered Spacey with praise because of his acting talents now looks down at him as a pervert, a degenerate homosexual out of control of his sexual urges.

Who does he see now when he looks at himself in the mirror?

Interesting thought, isn’t it?

The ultimate question about Spacey is this: does he care?

Of course he does.

But at root he is and always will be an actor.

We will never know what is real and what is made up about Kevin Spacey.



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