Praying for the Dead in Texas — Won’t Bring Them Back

There is a famous Johnny Cash song where he sings these words:

“Not even 100 million angels all praying at the same time can bring someone back to life.”

He was right, of course.

The grieving members of the innocents in Texas slaughtered by a homicidal maniac inside a church are all caught up in their grief. How could it be otherwise?

They are also trying to pray to God, the same God who allowed their loved ones to be slaughtered inside a church where God is supposed to be held sacred.

Their grief will ultimately turn to something else.

Inevitably, it will transform itself into hate, bitterness, the deep sadness that comes from loved ones gone – and for no reason.

The national debate following this act of extraordinary violence inside a church aimed at men, women and children praying on a Sunday morning is predictable.

We need to ban all guns in the assumption that this kind of tragedy couldn’t happen again or again and again.

What we need to ban are the lunatics, the haters, the killers and the mass slaughterers.

We need to get the nuts off the streets, out of their house, and to weed them out of the community of man and place them in locked facilities where they can receive treatment instead of slaughtering innocents inside a church.

You see, the fact the killer got a gun, an automatic weapon, does nothing to alter the fact that he was nuts, determined to kill and to maim, men, women and children inside a church on a Sunday in Texas.

Our national discussion about gun control without a national discussion about nut control makes this tragic event as lost an incident as all the others that came before and all those to certainly follow.

Sunday’s mass murder inside a church in Texas isn’t the end of the story.

Our discussions about gun control solving these incidents aren’t about anything new.

Mental health control, mental health aid, mental health facilities, a concerted effort at weeding out the severely mentally ill from our communities is what is needed.

Getting the sickest potential mass murderers and slaughterers out of harm’s way is what is needed, and sooner rather than later.

The idea proposed by those obsessed with banning guns as if banning guns will ban homicidal, mass murderer type behavior reduces makes idiots out of ourselves.

Praying for the dead does nothing tangible to defuse the next lunatic ready to do a mass murder.

We should be praying not for the dead — they are gone — we should be praying for the future, maniac, insane, mass murderers and we should be praying for the living that they should not be destroyed by the acts of madmen who have no God, no heart and no soul.

I think again and again, over and over, and I can envision it in my mind…the most recent mass murderer, shot twice near the church, getting into his suv with the sunroof down and leading the people after him on a 90 mile an hour chase until he got up the guts to put a gun in his mouth and shoot his brains out, the suv then running off the road with him laying dead in a mess of blood and brains after committing a mass murder.

If only he hadn’t killed himself.

This was a monster who should have been executed 26 times for those he murdered.

This is the kind of monster who needed to be tortured as he tortured those he killed, as he tortured those who carry on without their loved ones, as he tortured those running around saying this wouldn’t have happened if he couldn’t buy a gun.

This mass murderer was destined to do what he did.

It was the ultimate crime against humanity — and gun laws or no gun laws – he was going to show his ex wife real pain.

Just like when he beat her and her child — breaking the child’s skull — his main intention in life had become to murder everyone he could in one final glorious, murderous act.

What causes someone, anyone, everyone who does this to do it?


Plain and simple, insanity.

Changing gun laws won’t end insanity.

We need to have a system that watches over the insane, that medicates the insane, that protects from insane mass murders taking place in Texas churches on a Sunday morning.

To ignore this growing problem is an act of insanity in itself.




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