By Charlie Finch

Today, on Election Day, the USA is fast becoming a land of victims: victims of culture pulling down statues, cultural titans disgracefully raping victim wannabees, victims of violence, murder victims—in Vegas and Texas and, again, at Ground Zero, right near me. Is it any wonder that the few psychos here and the worldwide group of psychos from fascist Araby (who mostly kill their own innocents, in many cases, our stalwart allies) troll the Internet for more victims, sharing their prospective prey with each other, but not, until it’s too late, with you and me?

So, what’s to do? Let’s answer with our 3 “Vs”: vigilance, virtue and ultimately, victory, always leavened by humility. To reverse this slow Holocaust, take a tip from the survivors and descendants of the ovens: “Never forget,” but, just as importantly, act. We need a world wide anti-suicide campaign, peopled by leaders of every faith, which goes to every iPhone hourly, so that the murderers will stop murdering us on the way to murdering themselves. We need a Mental Health Czar in the White House (I’m nominating Dr. Keith Ablow, who was a finalist for Trump Surgeon General) to provide a wise and effective intervention strategy to all agencies, so we will never have an Air Force screw up again; and we, us,  need to report the acts of weird, middle of the night violence which precedes every one of these mass murders: Fort Worth, San Bernardino, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and again and again and again, Ground Zero.

And, oh yes, how about an FBI which deals with the 9/11 war and not Mueller and Comey and all their vanities? Let’s do it, with Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha at our backs, on Election Day.


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