Charlie Finch

Word has arrived that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has decided to take Paul Manafort tor trial next May, far quicker turnaround than, say, a terrorist who kills people at Ground Zero or El Chapo would expect.

Presumably, Muellerzs attack dog David Weissman, famous for his  legal entanglements with Enron and Sammy Gravano, has expedited the proposed crucifixion of Manafort. Why? The revelation in The New York Times that Manafort had multiple passports at his disposal in different names and different numbers may imply that Manafort forged them, but with whose assistance? I am guessing a U.S. government agency or its cutout; Manafort was clearly—like Hillary Clinton and the Biden family with its financial interests in the Ukraine, and like James Comey and all other swampsters—playing a double or triple game in our iPhone era, like everyone else on the make for money and prestige.

I ask again: Is the unusually quick trial, in which Counsel Mueller told The New York Times that he needed just 3 weeks to present his case against Paul Manafort, a means of shutting up Manafort or getting him to talk or, weirdly enough, both? Clearly, as befits a graduate of St. Paul’s School, Bob Mueller seeks control in an environment that the poet Yeats characterized as a spinning downward gyre, i.e. uncontrollable. On a personal note, let me note that Bob Mueller’s mother is a Truesdale, and thus, through my late aunt Suzanne Havens Truesdale, my first cousin by marriage once removed.  So, it’s not personal, Bob, just patriotic… and it is exclusive to Respvblica, with appreciation to my editor Dr. Keith Ablow.

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