Revisionism at its Most Egregious; Bush calling Trump a Blowhard

In a new book about father and son presidents George Bush, describes President Donald Trump as a blow hard.

For those of us struggling with the detritus of George Bush the Younger’s administrations, his father’s words are stupendously shallow and empty.

Look what Bush the Younger left us — 15 year wars still ongoing, one of them launched on the basis of a search for weapons of mass destruction, a concocted government lie that has caused the melt down in the Middle East, more than 2500 Americans dead on the battle field of these far away places, and hundreds of thousands with lost limbs, broken bodies and PTSD from participating on battlefields where they never should have been.

This is George Bush the Younger’s legacy.

This and him waving flags and talking patriotically at the 9-11 site after the terrorist attacks his administration failed to predict and or to stop.

He owns this bit of history.

What right, I wonder, does his father have to call anyone anything let alone the president a blowhard?

Add to the Bush the Younger legacy imprint and signature, the wholesale collapse of the American economy in 2008 which began while he was president and nearly brought down the nation. This is also his legacy.

One effect alone of the economic meltdown is that virtually no one working in this nation today has the prospect of job security for longer than a year or two — if that long.

Millions have disappeared from the ranks of the labor force into the American Pastoral.

Democrats who loathed Bush the Younger and treated him like the anti-Christ are now coming to adore him and to recall him, not because he was a liar, fraud and fool but because he had a nicer tone than President Trump.

Ergo, he seemed presidential to them in a way that Trump does not.

Despite stumbling over words in his speeches and having little to no understanding of American and world history, Bush the Younger led the nation, waving flags and dropping bombs and getting involved in anti-terrorism efforts in the post 9-11 era all over the world.

As a Republican he was against women, against the environment, against equality, against racial tolerance, against and without an understanding of economics, religion, culture, even politics except for his own bland version of rudderless leadership.

Yet Bush the Younger is the new white night in the revisionist Democratic Party world order where Trump is the devil.

All the newfound nostalgia for Bush the Younger ignores just how terrible many people — especially Democrats — thought Bush’s presidency was at the time.

His lasting legacies are chaos and indifference to America throughout the world and an economy that has been turned upside down with the richer never better off and the poor struggling to survive.

Bush the Younger had a folksy tone and a simpler, less nasty way about him than President Trump.

At least Trump isn’t directed to act by the likes of former Vice-President Dick Cheney, Bush’s vice-president.

Bush the Younger was a failure in every way. His lies to the American people about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq will likely never be equaled for many decades to come.

This was such a boldfaced lie that the American people now understand a government lie when they hear it.

Bush the Younger finished off the old Republican Party.

All of us should thank him for this, as no modern Republican even remotely resembles the greatness of the party brought to prominence by Abraham Lincoln.

Bush the Younger deserves no praise for his administrations.

There isn’t a word he uttered during 8 years that will be recalled as part of our evolving history as a nation.

There was nothing memorable about his leadership — only that his tone was more acceptable to Democrats who now find themselves wishing he were back.

Bush the Younger’s father calling President Trump a blowhard is fitting and just in this politically correct world of inertia that has paralyzed the American Republic.

If President Trump is a blowhard as his father suggests, then what ought we be calling Bush the Younger?


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