Charles Finch: If Trump Won’t Defend Manafort, I will!

In an audio interview with Joe Piscipo, Professor Charles Finch addresses Paul Manafort’s indictment in a new light.

“President Trump won’t defend Paul Manafort so I will.

As a young man, Manafort was Ronald Regan’s floor manager at the Republican convention and instrumental in Regan’s election. In 1996, Manafort managed senator Bob Dole’s campaign against the incumbent president Bill Clinton. Dole and Clinton got along so well, because it was  presumed that Bill Clinton would win, that that year the Simpsons in their house of horror Halloween Special satirized them by saying that the aliens “Kong” and “Kang” were inhabiting Clinton and Dole’s bodies to take over the world.

Now, that’s why Paul Manafort became friends with the Clintonistas. Because Clinton was going to win, Manafort managed the losing campaign – so they threw him a bone and did him a favor and they all went into business as lobbyists together. Flash forward to 2016, another year when a Clinton (this time, Hillary) was presumed to be the winner, and in the summer of 2016 Reince Priebus and the other Republicans (all of whom were on the record saying Trump was going to lose) – they hire Paul Manafort again in order to have a soft landing for a losing Republican candidate just like they did in 1996. This time Madam Hillary stabbed  Paul Manafort in the back by leaking all these Ukrainian things, and Trump fired him.

Now the question is – is Bob Mueller putting manafort and his associate, Gates, under house arrest so that he will talk, or so that he will shut up? And shame on the federal judge in Washington that this patriot to be veiled. The person conspiring against the United States is not Paul Manafort, it’s Robert Mueller.” – Charlie Finch to Joe Piscipo

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