[Analysis] The Ultimate Dream Sequence: Mueller Indicts Hillary and Bill; Sends Manafort, et al to Jail

What a thing it would be for democracy in general and for the judiciary especially if Robert Mueller investigated, indicted, arrested and convicted the Clintons for the fraud they perpetrated on the American people by funding their foundation with Russian made money.

The crazy Clinton/Russian uranium story isn’t so crazy when one looks closer at the published details which have flooded Internet news outlets for the past few days.
There is the hope in the name and tradition here for evenhandedness that Special Prosecutor Mueller will take a look or be forced to take a look now that the Clinton’s dirty, filthy, cat is out of the proverbial dirty, filthy bag.

Those of us who loved the Clintons until recently have come to understand that they are primarily about themselves and about money for their foundation which translates into wealth for themselves.

Uranium One, Hilary Clinton’s alleged effort to place in Russian control 20% of our uranium output, in return for very fat payments of royalties for doing so, is making the rounds.

What if – and this is a big what if – Special Prosecutor Mueller while investigating the present administration and President Trump went a step further and launched a first class, no prisoners taken investigation of the Clinton’s and their foundation?
Would one investigation cancel out or justify the other?

Together such a perfect storm of investigations would prove Mueller’s apparent non-ideological stance when it comes to investigating and enforcing the laws of the land.
It would also place him in the position as the de facto head of the US government responsible for keeping the republic straight and true.

What would we get in return?
A badly needed cleansing, of sorts.
Or what some Catholics might suggest as a cure – a baptism.

Investigations that would hurt and humiliate the Democrats the way they have hurt and attempted to humiliate and to excoriate the president would close the chasm, the division, the peoples’ belief that we are a nation at odds with one another over party and color.

The ramifications of such a thorough investigation implicating Democrats and Republicans for bad behavior and what’s more proving it might heal the nation and steer us away from preconceived notions about what is fair and right in a world turned upside down by political correctness.

Can Mueller come out of himself to do this, to bring us catharsis and to ultimately place himself at the table of power in the United States?
Yes he can.
Will he?
No. It is most likely he won’t.
And what if he did?
Then it is a new day in America for everyone who wears the moniker liberal or conservative.


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  1. russel says:

    Looking into the Uranium deal by Mueller would massively enhance his reputation for objectivity, a reputation highly suspect based upon his many staff and investigator hires. Of course there is massive data to probe (see ‘Clinton cash’ by Ed Klein)

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