Allahu Akbar: Beautiful

When Jake Tapper was at Dartmouth he learned about elitism and liberalism.

On CNN everyday, Tapper pays homage to both, to huge audiences who, for the most part, accept what he says like the Gospels are accepted for their truths about Jesus.

Right after the New York City terror attack carried out by an angry, disturbed, pathetic, Islamic butcher (he told police afterward he was pleased with what he had accomplished), Tapper explained the expression on air in reference to a question about what exactly Allahu Akbar means.

“Allahu Akbar is beautiful,” Tapper said to his CNN audience right after the NYC terror attack.

Fox News chose to use this bit he said out of context or at least without further context as if to reveal Tapper’s lead about the expression is where the truth lies about how he feels about it.

In other words, to Tapper, it is a holy expression. Beautiful as he called it.

What he didn’t say, what Fox said for him with a Tweet, is that Allahu Akbar is an expression used by Islamic murderers and haters to cheer for the dying and the dead, to celebrate the murder of innocents, men, women and children, who are robbed of their lives by Islamic lunatics and butchers.

This might have been what Tapper should have said — but he couldn’t — or wouldn’t — because it would not fit with the theme of his skewered sensibilities about the news.

“Allahu Akbar” is a prayer; if we don’t understand how radical Islamic terrorists justify their evil using religion, West cannot defeat it.”

This was Tapper’s Twitter response to the Fox bit.

Let me translate without animus what Tapper was trying to tell us.

Despite most Americans and Europeans understanding their lives might well be coming to a premature end when hearing Islamics screaming Allahu Akbar nearby, the harsh reality is that if one hears this “prayer” being shouted near to them, they should prepare to be blown up or to die.

Hearing this holy phrase is not like hearing a bunch of Jews singing the Shma Y’srael on their way into the gas chambers during the Holocaust.

That was holy.

Allahu Akbar by comparison in its modern iteration most times used in public by murderers and butchers is unholy.

Doesn’t get much more unholy than Allahu Akbar being chanted by dozens of frantic, hysterical, celebratory Islamics whooping it up watching prisoners immolated, their throats cut, their weddings exploded, whenever butchery is everywhere.

This is what Tapper failed to say.

Most of us, I think, do understand Allahu Akbar is an homage to God or to Allah.

But the public iteration of the expression has not become something beautiful.

It has become something very ugly, unholy, and largely irrelevant to the notion that we need to understand what it truly means before we can defeat terrorism.

The West can’t defeat terrorism with the Tappers of this world spewing their liberal thoughts all over common Americans who have come to understand what radical Islam is and how it perverts everything it touches.

Allahu Akbar might have been a holy incantation once upon a time.

It is no longer this today.

Allahu Akbar is everything that is wrong about Islamic society today.

Fox News didn’t smear Jake Tapper.

He smeared himself, as he does every time he goes on television with his ultra liberal, politically correct mantra (and one I accepted for so long).

Tapper is one of those who should pray to God every time he gets off tv thanking God for the good luck he has been given to do these broadcasts.

Even though he is Jewish, he might do a hearty Allahu Akbar and give thanks for his good fortune.

If we could take Tapper back to the days of Auschwitz, when tens of thousands of Jews every hour were led into gas chambers singing the Jewish holiest of holy chants, the Shma Y’srael, maybe then he would understand how corrupt a holy phrase like Allahu Akbar has become.

Jews singing the Shma Y’srael walking into the gas chambers naked, stripped of their humanity, maintained their reverence and respect for God until the gas was poured down from above atop of them and they twitched and writhed painfully until they died.

Islamics chanting Allahu Akbar while killing and slaughtering innocents is about butchery, ignorance, hatred and contempt for all non-Muslims.

What’s worse, they chant this phrase when killing brother Muslims.

I’ll give Fox News a pass on its attack on Tapper this time.

Tapper deserved it.

He’s the one who doesn’t get what is at stake.





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