Mueller: Indictments By Monday | The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

Indictments by Monday! Oh boy.

The grand jury hearing evidence about the Russia Election Episode from the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is set to hand down an indictment or two on Monday, according to several dozen published reports.

An arrest is certain to follow.

One thing is for certain — an indictment is not a conviction.

There is a long way to go before everything is settled and done with the Mueller investigation.

While I am not privy to the goings on of the grand jury this is what is most likely coming up Monday if all things are equal — and they are not.

Someone or other in a lower echelon are going to be indicted for failing to properly register and report to the Federal government as required by law his or her lobbying efforts in behalf of the coming administration or of their own companies.

This is not the end of the world but it is a crime.

Paul Manafort may be indicted on such a charge.

It is unlikely however that someone as gifted as Mueller in the art of indictment and investigation will begin at the top of the food chain with a big name indictment.

I predict Manafort will not be indicted in this early round.

If he is, it signals a victory for Mueller on the horizon although it is not a guarantee.

Why is this so?

Because this investigation is not a sprint for Mueller.

It is a marathon.

He is presumably building a case and will use this indictment or indictments to serve as the foundation for everything else that is to come.

On the other hand, early indictments are always used by prosecutors to press those indicted for a deeper look into what they were doing but more importantly, what those who they worked for were doing or requiring of them.

Those who are indicted have a tendency to spill their hearts out to the prosecutor in return for better treatment from him.

This is exactly what those indicted on Monday will do.

There is not a hint of doubt about this.

Loyalty can often color the justice the prosecutor is seeking.

Loyalty refuses to budge some of those indicted.

They would rather serve time in jail and remain quiet than turn into rats.

Loyalty is in short order in today’s political world.

Our culture is almost absent of the kind of loyalty that dominated the huge characters dominating in the last century.

Make no mistake, Mueller is composing a historic symphony — or at least he is trying to create a case that leads directly into the White House.

He would love to snag the president and the entire first family and all their business partners and the Russians, if there were actually any who wanted to do more than to defeat Hilary Clinton — which isn’t a political crime.

I look forward to the indictments.

Remember, an indictment is not a conviction.


Josh Resnek won an Emmy Award for investigative reporting.

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  1. Hana Wilner says:

    We all know that this Investigation is a bogus operation. It’s a total Hoax. Exploiting the American taxpayer. Mueller and his minions require Investigation. Major fraud against the American Public. Hillary needs to be brought up on collusion charges

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